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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program....

Usually at this time of day, right in this spot, you'll find Horse Tracks.  I decided to hijack this time-slot to go over some housekeeping with site, and make some announcements.  We get several new members everyday, and it is important that I have a post like this, from time to time, to welcome all of you and thank you for making MileHighReport part of your daily trip through the interwebs.


First, an announcement on some staff changes.  I am sad to report that Doug and Em have left the contributing staff here at MHR. 

Doug was the day-to-day man behind Horse Tracks, a favorite feature here at MHR and will be hard to replace.  I will do my best, but Doug was one of a kind.  I thank him for his 'service' to the site, and hope he still checks in on us from time to time.

Emmett was a regular contributor and commenter on the site as well.  His 'Tales' series was extremely popular, and brought a closer look at the men behind the facemasks - both Broncos players and prospects.  Again, this will be a hard act to follow and I thank Em for the time and contribution to help make MHR what it is today.

A Mile High Salute to both men, and I THANK YOU BOTH!

This could mean, for some of you, an opportunity.  I'm not necessarily going to fill these slots just to put people into them, but if you think you have the right stuff, please forward me an email at

MHR Help Wanted

I am once again making a call for help to the membership here at MHR.  Joe Medina does a wonderful job with the graphics here and he will continue to do so.  It is a monumental task, however, and a demanding one, especially during the season.  If there is anyone else that would like to help with graphics, please send me an E-Mail(see above).  I have done this in the past, and have gotten numerous responses, but nothing ever comes from it.  Please only respond if you are serious about it. 

I am also looking for someone who is in the radio business, or is studying to be in the radio business, who would like to do some production work on MHR Radio.  It will be returning later this month and I would like a new Intro/Outro as well as some segues.  Again, serious inquiries only.  If you are a professional, I might be able to scrape some cash together, or send you a MHR T-Shirt. 


Speaking of T-Shirts, I am excited to introduce the MHR Swag Shop.  You can see the EMPTY store front HERE

I have some older ideas that I will be sending over to the print shop to add - but I want your ideas as well!  Have a saying that should be on a t-shirt?  Send it to me!  There is a small catch, however, because of intellectual property laws, we cannot use a team's name or nickname. Instead of saying "Beat the Raiders", you would say "Beat Oakland".  You can see some examples by heading to the Redskins store or Ravens store on the left sidebar of our store.  

The ideas are limitless!  The store can have Men's, Ladies, and Youth Tees, Mens Longsleeve Tees, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts. Hats and Polos embroidered with (limited) text are also available. Although there's no limit to how many items you can have in your store, we recommend you keep it simple and just offer a few items and a few designs at a time.

MHR Rules and Regulations

Please keep in mind the Code of Conduct you all agreed to when you joined MHR.  For those of you that ignore those types of things, here they are below - is an independent website dedicated to the Denver Broncos.  We welcome fans of the Broncos to come to MHR and join other Broncos fans in talking about the Broncos as well as anything else that interests you.  We also welcome the fans of other teams to MileHighReport and welcome good-natured smack talk that can go on between fans of opposing teams.

What we will not tolerate at MHR is any personal attack on any member.  Have an opinion, state your case, disagree and debate, but keep it about football.  Please keep your comments about the topic at hand.  "Hijacking" a post will not be tolerated. 

The Fan Shots and Fan Posts are yours!  Utilize them to make a point, get involved, or just to meet fellow Broncos fans all over the world.  We are a community, and like any community your are a part of we take care of each other.

Lastly,  please remember this is just a game.  Broncos football is a way of life for most of us but let's not lose sight of what we are here for and that is FUN.  Enjoy the site, enjoy the game and most importantly enjoy each other.

  •  Any FanPost or FanShot with vulgarity in the title will BE DELETED, no questions asked
  •  Any repeat FanPost will be deleted.  FanPosts that are nothing but Links, with text to meet the  75-word requirement will be deleted.  If you come across news and want to post the link, USE THE FANSHOT SECTION!  That is what it is there for!
  • FanPosts that are misleading will be deleted.  People come to MHR for their Broncos news and the integrity of the site will not be compromised because you want to be a stand-up comedian.
  • Any comments that personally attack any other member will be deleted and the member warned.
  • Any post or comment that refers to a player, coach or other prominent figure in a derogatory way will be deleted.  We are all adults, act like it.
  • Openly wishing or hoping that the Broncos fail tells me you are not a Broncos fan.  At that point you are a Troll and will be dealt with appropriately.  That does not mean you cannot be critical of the team, players, or coaching staff.
  • What is a Troll??  It is kind of like how the Supreme Court described porn.  There is no real definition, but I know it when I see it.  There is a difference between someone being critical and someong being a troll.  I know the difference.

***IMPORTANT***  These rules are in effect for everyone.  Whether you have been with us from the beginning or are a brand new member, there is no favoritism here.  There are no cliques.  MHR has reached the point it has by being different than message boards, a cut above so to speak.  I will not let us become the RMN or DP comment section, or a message board

I hope that is clear for you. These are guidelines, for the most part. There is a flagging system built into the site and I use it to determine what crosses the line. If you think a comment or Fan Post is out of line, FLAG IT. That is what draws my attention to it.

That should just about do it.  I once again thank you for being a part of Mile High Report as we speed towards 4 Million hits and 10 million page views.  Here's hoping 2010 is the best year yet - for the Broncos and MHR!