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Bowlen Speaks; Broncos Country Listens

Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen, who hasn't spoken since his football team ended an 8-8 season, spoke with the Denver Post about a wide-ranging number of topics on the eve of Super Bowl 44.  Here is the gist of what Bowlen had to say.

On Josh McDaniels handling of Week 17(Marshall/Scheffler)

If I learned anything, (it) is these kinds of things are learning experiences, especially for a brand new, 33-year-old coach, who obviously has all the pedigree but has never before had the job.  And now he's faced with the job. And so I think from my standpoint, he did a very good job handling that.

I wasn't particularly upset or in angst about the way he handled it.  He wants to establish his own discipline and his own personality as far as the way he wants to run his club. And I think, as time goes, that will mellow out a little bit. But I think he was trying to make a point or let people know that he wasn't going to be a pushover. And I think a lot of that comes from his age. The fact is he's young, he has to assert that kind of authority. And I agree with him, because he has to gain the respect of the players.

I'm certainly not disappointed. We would have liked to have won a couple more games and made it to the playoffs, but we didn't. We were 8-8 essentially for the fourth year in a row, but he's got his stamp on the team. I think at this point going forward, players and staff are going to know what to expect.

On Brandon Marshall

"I think Brandon is going through a maturing process.  Personally, I saw change in his personality and approach to things (this past season). He didn't have the same sort of attitude and anxiety that he's had. I personally would like to see him stay. And there's still a good possibility that could happen.

I'd like to see Brandon stay.  Now, if the head coach sits down and says no, I want to trade him, or I've got a deal that's going to be beneficial to the club, I don't think I'm going to override him.

"I think Brandon going through this whole process last year, I think it matured him a little bit, if not a lot. And I think he's, at least I hope he is, wondering if it's the right thing for him to move to another team. I think that's a question mark in his mind. He hasn't told me that, but I have a sense of that.

On Kyle Orton

I want Kyle back.  Orton is a good quarterback. I'd also like to think we might have the opportunity to draft a young quarterback, not necessarily to come in and play right away, but if you have the opportunity to draft somebody, that would be a plus for us.

Bowlen's answers seemed forthright and honest, as Mr. B usually is when he takes the time to talk about the Broncos.  For better or worse he seemed confident of where the Broncos are.  For now, at least.