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Josh McDaniels Speaks; Broncos Country Listens

A couple days ago, there was a short interview in the Denver Post with Pat Bowlen.  During that interview, he stated that he would like Brandon Marshall to return to the Broncos, but wouldn't overrule his Head Coach to make it happen.

Brandon Marshall has also said he wants to return to the Broncos, if things - read contract - work out that way.  Marshall has stated his love for Denver and his desire to stay.

In the past, Josh McDaniels has also said he would like Marshall to be around - at least as much as a coach like McDaniels will commit to anything.  Now McDaniels has come out again, this time in a sit-down interview with CBS4's Gary Miller and once-again expressed his desire to bring Marshall back to the Broncos -

Certainly. I mean he had a great year, a Pro Bowl year. Brandon and I got along fine and I know we've had some differences of opinion and some other things that have happened, but he's a very good player, obviously, one of the elite receivers in this league.  Our goal is to try to keep all of our good players and he's certainly one of them.

We're looking to assemble the best team we can with the best talent and the best players and he's certainly proved this year that he's one of those guys in this league that's going to continue to be productive at that level every season.

McDaniels also talked about rumors flying - or being started by players - that he treated Mike Shanahan players differently -

There's one team in Denver, there are not two teams.  There's not an old Denver and a new Denver. There's not Josh's guys and Mike's guys. There's one locker room, there's one team. Any talk of anything other is dead wrong.

There were a lot of players who we brought in this year that I had no experience with … and didn't understand their entire background. But I knew of them as players and I knew of them as people when I got the opportunity to meet them briefly before we signed them.

As for thoughts on McDaniels being a 'system guy', McDaniels got straight to the point.

If you only have really talented players but your system is very simple and average, it can't adjust to beat somebody else.  Ultimately you're going to run into somebody who has got some talented players of their own, with a great system. Then they out-game plan you, they out-coach you. Now you end up losing the game.

Again, all parties - the coach, the owner and the player - have stated their desire to be together.  Only time will tell, and March 5th is quickly approaching.