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Super Bowl, Cowherds, & a HOF Limerick

Stop the presses! This just in. Tim Lynch is back for the second straight week! Holy macaroni. I may just make this a weekly event.

How could I not follow up last weeks post with one today? The Super Bowl was a Super day and even bigger, to me, was the announcement of Floyd Little's selection into the Hall of Fame.

I'll cover that and more today, including a few things I have to say about Colin Cowte..err..Cowherd(forgot this is not a FanPost!). First I'd like to start off with a little lyrical masterpiece(not really):

It's beginning to look a lot like Draftivus
Ev'rywhere you goooooo;
Take a look at Jeremy's pen -- glistening once again
With profiles and resources aglow!
It's beginning to look a lot like Draftivus
Mocks in ev'ry blog.
But the prettiest sight to see -- is the star that will be
Part of your teams fielded cog

Dang, I started out so well only to have it end in such a horrible train wreck. I'd take it out, but that's just not my style. The Lynch gravy train never derails...

Thankfully, we get two and half months of Draftivus! Jeremy Bolander is MHR's King of the Draft. Be sure to follow his links as 90% of his contributions never see the light of day except as links embedded within his front page posts.

Personally, it is hard to focus on the NFL Draft when there are still meaningful games being played. The Super Bowl is THEE meaningful game of the season and though its sad to know the Broncos were no where near getting there, I am still a football fan.

New Orleans Saints

I had my perception of the Saints organization changed this week. I told my nephew, who became an avid Saints fan last year, that he should have chosen an organization with better ownership. As harsh as that was, I don't like to lie and I honestly believed that statement.

That is, until I saw a correlation between the Saints growth as a franchise and our own Denver Broncos. Just because a team is or was a perennial loser does not mean it has bad ownership. Granted, the Broncos had some horrible owners during its illustrious history, but we also had some great owners during the 60's and 70's and still were basement dwellers.

It took the Broncos 38 years to finally hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It took the Saints just over forty to get theirs.

I think the Saints will take over the #2 spot for favorite NFL teams. Still no where close to the #1 team, but because I have only loyalty to one team it is easy to make any other team my #2. Almost always an NFC team. ha!

During the second quarter I recall thinking that all of the field goals and missed opportunities would come back to haunt the Saints late in the game. In fact, I thought that right up until Jeremy Shockey's touchdown catch.

At that point, I started to notice Peyton Manning's happy feet and his visible frustration. Drew Brees looked so cool and collected. My Bronco-centric mind could only conjure up images of the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers. Peyton Manning in the second half looked like John Elway did that entire game. He was trying to will his team to victory. Brees looked like Joe Montana. He simply guided his team to victory.

All in all, the victory for the Saints was a great moment for a city marred by disaster, corruption, and recovery and a fanbase that had seen just two playoff wins in 40 years prior to this season. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints!

Peyton Manning

I hate Peyton Manning. Not hate as in I hope he dies tomorrow, but hate as in he owns the Denver Broncos. That said, Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback ever to step foot on the football field.

John Elway ranks second on my list. Why you ask? John Elway took an 8-8 mediocre football team and brought them to contention. He was the difference between an 8-8 season and an 12-4 season. That's huge by any measure.

However, I truly believe that the Indianapolis Colts would not have won more than six games in any season this decade if Manning wasn't on their team. He alone takes a basement dweller and molds them into a championship contender - even Super Bowl winner.

You may disagree. What about Dallas Clark? Reggie Wayne? Dwight Freeny? I say Peyton Manning makes every one of those players a Pro Bowler. Yes even Dwight Freeny. Most teams get down early against Manning and must pass the ball a majority of the time. Freeny reaps the rewards of a Peyton Manning-led offense.

My beliefs about the Saints organization being poorly run were misguided and I think wrong. However, I now believe the Colts organization has horrible ownership.

That belief came with the realization that the only reason the Colts are not the doormats they have been for much of the previous two decades prior to Manning's arrival is because of Manning.

Mark my words, the Colts will return to doormat status and remain there once Peyton calls it quits.

Don't get me wrong about many of the other players on the Colts roster. I'd take any one of the three other players I mentioned above. Success can improve play and make an average player a smarter and better player. Look at Brandon Stokely. He was an average player when he reached the Colts and part of a winner in Baltimore, however, he was never part of an offensive winner.

Peyton Manning molded him into a great slot receiver. Demanding excellence and now the Denver Broncos benefit from that directly through Stokely's continued smart, tough play.

As for the Super Bowl, Manning, great as he is, attempted to put his inferior team on his back to carry them to victory. Unfortunately for him and for Colts fans, the 2010 New Orleans Saints are not the Rex Grossman-led Chicago Bears of 2006! Colts fans should just be happy Manning is even here to assure that their team is even competitive.

Random Tidbits

1. Colin Cowherd said some things on his show this morning that really irked me. He was talking about true fans. Meaning, the "idiot autograph seekers" who just annoy the players at the GAME and at the airport.

Colin. You sanctimonious, self-righteous, ego-maniacal dunce. Shut. Up! You follow up your remarks with how players like fans who just nod their way or give them the thumbs up. Of course they like that kind of fan, because it requires them to do absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Ahhh, that felt good.

I don't want to hear about players who dislike signing autographs. It's been a part of the game forever. You make millions to play a game. Shut up and sign my frickin' hat. Those annoying fans you speak of, Colin, paid for an overpriced ticket, overpriced beer, and overpriced food for a chance to get one free GD autograph. I think we, the fans, EARNED IT.

Sometimes I wonder if this guy just talks from his arse just for the hope of getting on the "in" with more celebrity types. Perhaps so he can name drop with the best of 'em, which he already enjoys doing profusely.

You know, I met Ryan Leaf once. I nodded my head in the general direction of the ink cartridges and he was all pissy and bitchy about that kind of response from a "fan"(not). So when, Colin, is it appropriate to annoy a player with attention or to just nod them on their way?

2. The rumor about Donovan McNabb intrigues me. I talked earlier about how Peyton Manning wills his team to contention. Well, McNabb is another one of those guys who can single handily will his team to victory.

I sorta kinda like Kyle Orton, but there is nothing sexy about a Game Manager. I respect his desire to work on his craft, but I, as a fan, desire a player whose craft is already natural. Donovan McNabb would make the Broncos into an instant contender in my opinion.

Of course, we'd need to keep Orton around as insurance.

3. Just to expand a bit. The problem I have with "Game Managers" masquerading as quarterbacks is that their ability varies widely from one year to the next. Think of Tommy Maddox prior to Big Ben. Or Derek Anderson. Or Chad Pennington. Or Matt Hasslebeck. Or Carson Palmer. Or...okay you get the picture. Most quarterbacks in the league are "Game Managers", but just remember that most teams in the league do not make the play offs.

Here is a list of starting quarterbacks from this years playoffs and then tell me how many are simply "Game Managers" in the Kyle Orton mold: Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers, Mark Sanchez, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Flacco, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb, Brett Favre, and Drew Brees. Now look at just the final four.


A minor curve ball here and straight from the heart. I wanted to say thank you to many on the current MHR staff, as well as, past staffers. Each inspires/ed me in a different way to write and to share.

My first thank you goes out to John Bena. Without his constant guidance to keep me from making an ass out of myself - something I am really good at! - and for having cultivated my writing desire for 2+ years now. His blogging is what brought me into the MHR family and his belief in me to write about the team I love has done much for my psyche.

Jeremy Bolander inspires me less about sports writing than about writing on a grander scale. His talent is well known around here, but what people don't necessarily know is that his talent for words goes well beyond just sports.

The two guys that have probably inspired me the most when it comes to writing sports would be former MHR staffer, Ted Bartlett and current MHR staffer, Steve Nichols. Ted moved on to his own personal pursuits, but his posts helped me realize that I can write about more than just history. I still love history, but it was my opinion that first brought me out of the shadows on MHR and Ted helped me remember that. Steve, on the other hand, helped this somewhat mildly intelligent football fan and turned him into a football fan that can talk chalk with confidence. And any writer can tell you that confidence in your writing is the most important part of writing.

Matt(aka Mdierk), inspired me more from the background. He's like the guy in the room who listens politely to the conversation. No one really notices he is there during the heated debate, but when he speaks up the room goes quiet and people tend to listen. It's that kind of impact on MHR that I strive for, yet rarely fully meet. So next time you see a post with his name on it, pay attention.

TJ Johnson, I see you as a sort of kindred spirit. You crack me up with your humor and I've always been a fan of your statistical nightmares, err, I mean statistical beauties. Or what not.

Douglas Lee and Emmett Smith, you two inspired me to take pride in what I do. I have a high standard, but at times I lack the drive(meaning I am lazy) to live up to my own standards. I hope you two will continue to impact this community in a positive way.

Sayre, I barely know you(yet), but I can say that your enthusiasm and creative mind inspires me as well. I think you have made a fine addition to the MHR staff.

As for many of the contributing members out there. I could start naming you all off, but that would take a while. I have to believe that you know who you are and that you've also inspired me to continue to be a part of this community and to continue contributing in every way I am able. I've been a displaced Bronco fan for 28 out of my 31 years and MHR is the closest thing I have to a local Bronco watering hole.

Now don't freak out people. I'm not planning to leave or anything. There are just some things that I never say, but should. I chose to make today the day I should.

Hall of Fame Limerick

My view has changed of the Hall of Fame
Now it appears to be a good looking dame
When before it meant so Little
Then I became so happy I pittle
Recalling a Sharpe, the HOF not yet devoid of Shame

Weak, I know, but I still laughed, so I didn't screw with it.

Interesting...To Me

The Indianapolis Colts won 115 games in 10 years. The Denver Broncos have won less than 400 in 50 years. 394-352-10 to be exact. The Broncos are also 17-15 in the playoffs.

That's impressive, especially given the fact that I believe the Colts would have won no more than sixty games during this past decade without Peyton Manning at the helm.