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Brady Quinn: Is he worth a low round pick?

According to Adam Shefter via

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Brady Quinn is on the trading block.

The development isn't surprising. Quinn has been so inaccurate (52.1% completions in 14 career games) that Cleveland would probably be happy to take a late-round pick for him. Kansas City, where Quinn's college coach Charlie Weis is now the offensive coordinator, would be a sensible landing spot. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, a former Weis pupil, also loves to trade.

Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

I was immediately excited to hear that the Broncos could be in the mix for Quinn. Many people think Brady Quinn is vastly overrated, but I think that is a terribly wrong assumption. Meaning, it assumes that Brady Quinn is a bust. What these people are doing is vastly overrating the Cleveland Browns organization.

What I mean by that is that the Browns organization is quite dysfunctional. When they drafted Brady Quinn, they and their unintelligent fans expected him to immediately become Peyton Manning. Well, Quinn needed to be groomed, but was never groomed and was quickly labeled a bust by the Browns organization, their fans, and the media at large.

Brady Quinn has first round talent and if he can be had for a 6th round "maybe", then Josh McDaniels should jump all over that. Put Quinn on the roster as our #3 and salvage him. If anyone can salvage a quarterback, it would be Josh McDaniels.

Quinn would need to restructure his contract, but he would be free to ressurect his career without the criticism and label of a bust from fans and his own team.

The Broncos have many needs going into the draft this year, but I backup quarterback is likely one of them. Would you rather have an unproven 6th round rookie quarterback, or a guy like Brady Quinn who is not ready to be a starter, but has experience starting in the National Football League? I think I'd take the guy with experience.