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Some MHR Stuff - In place of your regularly scheduled program

Hi all.  Usually, you are here looking for Horse Tracks.  No worries, it is coming later today in the form of a special afternoon version.  You'll get your daily cup of Orange and Blue coffee, just a little bit later - and with more caffeine.

On to some business.  I always say the community here at Mile High Report is the best on the web.  It is with that that I once again come and ask for your help in keeping the site what it is, as well as take the time for some important announcements.  First, the needs -

1.  Graphics Help - We are once again looking for a Photoshop Guru to assist us with graphics, like the one you see used for Horse Tracks every morning.  Joe Medina did an outstanding job and I thank him immensely for his time and dedication.  If you are a Photoshop wiz and have some extra time to help us out with Gameday Graphics and any other MHR Graphics needs, please E-Mail me -  With the Draft coming up, among other events, this is becoming a more pressing need.  Serious inquiries only, please!

2.  T-Shirt Ideas - MHR has a T-Shirt shop which we are going to be unveiling here very soon.  If you have any ideas for T-Shirts, please submit them to me at the same address.  We want to get the shop stocked before the grand opening so get your ideas in.  Please do not send anything that would infringe on the copyright of a person or entity.  That means no pictures of a player or likenesses.

3.  MHR Radio - It is coming back - see the announcement section below - I am still looking for someone to do some audio work.  I am looking for an intro and outtro to the show to replace the one I currently use that has gotten a bit outdated.  Again, if interested, please email at

Now, some announcements -

1.  MHR Radio - Perhaps the most asked question I get is when MHR Radio will return.  For those new to MHR, MHR Radio is the official podcast of the site and can be heard live over at  I am happy to report that MHR Radio will return NEXT WEEK.  I am shooting for Wednesday Night, but will confirm with you.  I am hoping to add the ability to take your phone calls as well.  It is great fun and we spend an hour or two talking about the Broncos.

2.  MHR Mailbag - We are starting a weekly Mailbag feature here at MHR to try and address the thousands of questions I get every day - ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I do get quite a few.  I have created a special e-mail for just this purpose - Every Thursday Afternoon I will post the answers to all of your Broncos questions, so start sending them in for next week!

3.  Broncos Annual  - Consider this a soft announcement about something you are going to hear a lot more about in the coming months.  I will be publishing a Broncos Annual - a 2010 Preview of sorts - this summer through Maple Street Press.  It will be available on-line as well as at grocery/convenience stores, book stores, etc throughout the Rocky Mountain region.  The contents are starting to come together now and it is something EVERY BRONCOS FAN is going to want to have.  There will be much more about the Annual in the coming weeks, but wanted to make you aware of something cool going on!

That does it.  Again, any comments about the site, please e-mail me and remember, if you are interested in helping MHR in the ways talked about above, please let me know!!!