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Willie Clark found GUILTY in murder of Broncos CB Darrent Williams

A jury found Willie Clark GUILTY of First Degree Murder in the 2007 shooting death of Broncos CB Darrent Williams, it was reported. Clark was facing 21 counts, including 1st Degree Murder, for unloading a weapon into a Hummer Limo that carried Williams, Broncos WR Javon Walker and 15 others. Williams was struck in the neck and died at the scene.

The jury deliberated for nearly 12 hours before reaching their decision.

As we take a moment to forget football, here's hoping the family of Darrent Williams can find peace. They have been the epitome of strength and grace throughout all of this. The thoughts of Broncos Country goes out to them on what has to be a bittersweet day.

I hope Mike Shanahan can find some peace as well. The Head Coach of the Broncos when Williams was killed, Shanahan was the face of the organization that day and handled it with class and dignity. His speech at Williams funeral was all class - I was proud to be a Broncos fan that day - even more than usual.

I hope Brandon Marshall can find some peace. With his involvement that night now out in the open, I am hoping a guilty verdict can bring some closure to Marshall - and his purported anger for the City of Denver. Now the healing can truly begin.

Lastly, I hope everyone in Broncos Country can find some peace. While justice has been served today, we have all lost for losing D-Will so soon. Perhaps now we can talk about Williams with a smile on our face instead of a frown. You know that is how Williams would want it.

Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen released the following statement -

"Nothing can ever bring Darrent Williams back or ease the suffering for (his mother) Rosalind and her grandchildren. But after three long years, it is very gratifying to see closure brought to this case. This process has been extremely difficult for the Williams family, his friends and teammates, this community, and the entire Denver Broncos organization.

"I would like to praise the long and hard work of the Denver Police Department and the Denver District Attorney's Office," he continued. "I also want to thank the Denver community for the overwhelming support that both the Williams family and the Broncos have received during this unimaginable tragedy.

"Darrent's legacy will live on for all of us in the Broncos organization, and the outstanding work done each day at the Darrent Williams Memorial Teen Center is a tribute to his impact on this community. Our hearts continue to go out to the entire Williams family."