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Broncos release LB Andra Davis, DT J'Vonne Parker

The Denver Broncos continue to make over a defensive front-7 that was scorched during the final weeks of the season.  The latest to go is ILB Andra Davis.  Davis started the season strong, but like many on the Broncos defensive front wore down as the season went on.

"It was definitely disheartening," Davis said. "But I've been in the game, this is my ninth year, and I've seen a lot of guys get that phone call and get that conversation. I have no ill-feelings towards the Broncos. I wish them the best.

While all the attention the final week of the season was on the soap opera that was the Brandon Marshall/Tony Scheffler situation, the Broncos defense gave up over 300 yards on the Kansas City Chiefs.  Perhaps it should come as no surprise that since that game the Broncos have completely revamped the defensive line - signing DE Justin Bannan, DE Jarvis Green and DT Jamal Williams.  Now the focus has shifted to the linebacking corps. 

I know some here were happy with Davis play while I was critical of the signing, having watched him here in Cleveland.  After eating crow for the 1st half of the season after Davis impressed, I was gradually disappointed by his play.  The inside backers have to make the plays in the run game in a 304 defense and today's move, combined with the moves of the past week, say the Broncos were not happy with how that triangle performed over the final weeks of the season.

"I respect how they handled it, letting me go now instead of waiting till later on. They gave me that respect. I really want to thank all the fans for their support and welcoming me and my family. It's a great town. That's going to be one of the hardest parts knowing we're going to have to leave here."

The Broncos also released defensive tackle J'Vonne Parker.