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What is Bill Williamson Talking About?

Those who know me and this site know I usually don't single out members of the media.  They have a tough job and most of them work their a$$es off.  I respect them greatly and tell them that.  Then there are guys like Bill Williamson.  Williamson used to work at the Denver Post as the main Broncos Beat-Writer.  He took over at the Post when Adam Schefter left went off to the NFL Network.

Anyway, Williamson has since moved on to ESPN as their AFC West 'blogger'.  I usually disagree with somewhere in the neighborhood of 100% of anything he says.  Today is no exception.  In a post entitled AFC West Free Agency Review, Williamson broke down the Biggest News,  Biggest Surprise, Best Decision, Worst Decision and What's Needed for each team.  It's his opinion and he's entitled to it.  This is where it gets crazy.

For the Broncos, Williamson labeled the Brandon Marshall situation as the Big News(emphasis mine) -

The Broncos set the stage for Marshall’s departure by putting the first-round tender on him. It didn’t take long for Marshall to attract interest. Seattle set up a visit to bring in Marshall on the first day of free agency. The Marshall situation could drag on, especially if other teams show interest. But the fact that Marshall was in another team’s building over the weekend is big news.

Makes sense.  In essence, Williamson is saying what most in the media have said - the <lowly>1st Round Tender was used to get Marshall out of town - begging other teams to come and get him.

Later on, under Worst Decision, Williams again brings up the Marshall situation(again, emphasis mine) -

Not being flexible on Marshall's compensation.  It has been reported that the Broncos will keep Marshall if they don’t get a first-round pick in return for him. Perhaps this is posturing. But unless other teams start pursuing him, I don’t see Seattle giving up a first-round pick. Yet, the Seahawks could offer other creative compensation. Ultimately, the Broncos want to part ways with Marshall, but this high price tag could prevent that from happening.

Let me get this straight.  The Broncos 'set the stage' to get rid of Marshall by putting JUST a first-round tender on him, yet are making a poor decision by not being flexible and requiring that first round pick??

This is what drives me crazy, and why I feel that some of these guys don't think for themselves.  If the popular belief is that the Broncos were essentially giving Marshall away by extending the First Round tender, why is it a MISTAKE to actually want a first round pick for him??  The Broncos are not being flexible??  No, Bill, the Broncos aren't playing any BS games with other teams.  They laid it out for everyone to see - you want Brandon Marshall?  It 'll cost you a 1st Round pick.

Just because the implication is that Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders want Marshall out of town doesn't mean it's fact, and most importantly, it doesn't mean the Broncos should simply give Marshall away.  The Seahawks, as the only team that has shown legitimate interest in Marshall, have TWO first round picks.  The Broncos would be foolish NOT to get at least one of them.

It is one thing to say the Broncos don't want Brandon Marshall.  It's another to bash them simply for not making your opinions look correct.  I don't need to agree with everyone, but dammit, be consistent, please?