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UPDATE: MHR's Live Interactive Mock Draft - Take Two


Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that the second edition of MHR’s live interactive mock draft will be held right here next Sunday starting at noon eastern standard time.  Our first attempt was a rousing success that included three open threads, over 2,000 comments, and 70+ e-mails.  Though not without hitches, I thought it was a fun and useful exercise that was well worth the effort and deserving of an encore.  My review of the original process and its results was put on hold by the onset of free agency and other more pressing news, but I will be sure to live up to my promises regarding all that this week before we move on to the next one. 


Several rules have been added, redacted or modified, so – even if you’re a veteran of our first collaboration or others like it – please take the time to review them carefully before commenting below. 

Before Mock Draft Day

  1. This mock draft will be three rounds long and will use Wikipedia's 2010 NFL Draft article as the source of the order.
  2. Representatives are encouraged to submit to me (via e-mail) a target list as soon as possible.  Any lists received within 48 hours of the start of the draft may still be considered but will not be binding.  In these lists, please include positions of need and/or specific prospects in order of preference.
  3. Trades will be allowed, but they must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the start of the mock.  They may be contingent on specific scenarios and therefore unofficial until such circumstances arise, but they must be approved by me (via e-mail) beforehand.  I will judge potential trades based on Walter Football’s Re-evaluated Trade Value Chart; though they need not equate perfectly to be accepted, an effort should be made to make them reasonable.  Any 2010 draft picks, including those outside the scope of this mock, may be traded; future draft picks and current NFL players may not be included in trades.  If you wish to engage in trade talks, then I suggest you state so and publish your e-mail in the comments below.

On Mock Draft Day

  1. When commenting in mock draft posts, please do not use the "subject" line for anything other than to announce an official pick.  Limiting the use of that space will make the picks, as well as the announcements that I will make in that manner, stand out and therefore make the draft itself easier to follow.
  2. When I announce that THE [LOCATION] [TEAM NAME] ARE NOW ON THE CLOCK, that team will then have three minutes to make a selection.  Once the pick is recorded, I will then move things along by making the pertinent announcement.  Do no make a pick unless I have put your team "on the clock".  You are encouraged to make your choice public as soon as possible.
  3. When you make an official pick, you will announce it in this exact format: WITH THE [X] PICK IN THE DRAFT, THE [LOCATION] [TEAM NAME] SELECT: [PLAYER NAME], [POSITION], [SCHOOL].  You will do so in the "subject" line of the comment box and you will leave the message space blank.  You and/or others are encouraged to comment on the draft by replying to official announcements so long as you observe the general rules that govern this site.
  4. If a representative is not available to make a selection, I will make the pick for them at the conclussion of their team's alloted time.  I will do this by selecting the best player available according to their target list and/or CBS Sports' NFL Draft Scout's Top 2010 Draft Prospects list.  At my discretion, however, I may deviate slightly from the strict definition of BPA.

If you have read, understand, and basically approve of the protocols enumerated above, then please sign-up by claiming a team in the comment below.  Teams will be assigned on a "first come, first serve" basis.  Please review previously published comments to verify the availability of your preferred teams.  As always, I am open to suggestions and constructive criticism, so please feel free to communicate any questions or concerns to me by whatever means you feel most comfortable.  I look forward to working with those of you who volunteer to be representatives and otherwise interacting with the many others who will be following along.  Cheers, and go Broncos!


UPDATE: As of the most recent edit, the following teams are currently represented:

Arizona Cardinals - durst
Atlanta Falcons - TheRealSlimShady
Baltimore Ravens - Mr MaLoR
Buffalo Bills - Digger24
Carolina Panthers - Revshawn
Chicago Bears - j-man
Cincinnati Bengals - brandone (
Cleveland Browns - zclayro (
Dallas Cowboys - ziggy19 (
Denver Broncos - Sayre Bedinger (
Detroit Lions - footstock
Houston Texans - march20
Indianapolis Colts - TheAngelsColts (
Jacksonville Jaguars - mikebirty
Kansas City Chiefs - elvisalex
Miami Dolphins - broncofan91
Minnesota Vikings - "MHR screenname pending"
New England Patriots - Skotty (
New Orleans Saints - TJ Johnson
New York Giants - BroncoTiLLIDie (
Oakland Raiders - bcfunk
Philadelphia Eagles - RyanGiggs11 (
Pittsburgh Steelers -  steel.curtain.number2
San Diego Chargers - Wonko
San Francisco 49ers - bfree2bronc (
Seattle Seahawks - no-pseudo-fan
St. Louis Rams - rg2247 (
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - nolesbroncos3456 (
Tennessee Titans - Orange and Blue
Washington Redskins - Charlie Kirkpatrick (

That leaves the following teams as the last two (2) available:

Green Bay Packers
New York Jets