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Broncos trade Peyton Hillis, 6th Round Pick for QB Brady Quinn

The Denver Broncos have agreed to trade fullback Peyton Hillis, a 2011 6th-round draft selection and a conditional 2012 draft selection to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for quarterback Brady Quinn, pending physicals

Credit to the Broncos on this one.  They saw an opportunity to improve the quarterback situation and jumped at it.  I'm not saying that Brady Quinn will be the starting quarterback, not at all, but Quinn is an improvement over Chris Simms and he has upside.

For a chance at that upside, the Broncos traded Peyton Hillis and two low-round draft picks in future years.  Before we go any further, I like Peyton Hillis.  I always have.  For one reason or another, Hillis was not going to play.  I have my reasons why, but the important thing is he wasn't going to play.  I hope for nothing but the best for Hillis - and this is a great place for Peyton to land.  He's a West Coast guy.  He flourished in that system under Mike Shanahan and should do the same under the Mike Holmgren version.

Back to Quinn.  Whether your like Brady Quinn or not, there is nothing about this trade to not like.  There is ZERO risk for the Broncos.  The Broncos now have some insurance with Kyle Orton playing on the 1-year deal.  If Quinn finds himself in a new city, the Broncos come out huge winners.  If not, the Broncos are no worse for wear.  What's not to like?

We'll have more about the trade tonight on MHR Radio!