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Breaking News!! Brady Quinn wants to play!

Brady Quinn met with the Denver media this afternoon via conference call. For those that want to listen, I've attached the audio here - Brady Quinn Interview - 3_15_10

For those that want to take my word for it, Quinn said all the right things. He was gracious of the Browns and their fans - unlike Derek Anderson who took some parting shots on his way out the door. Quinn was thankful of the opportunity. Quinn also said something that is making headlines everywhere - including ESPN.

When asked if he intended on being the starter, Quinn said the following -

"I'll put it this way, I think every quarterback on our roster wants to play," Quinn said. "Believe me, whether it's Tom [Brandstater], Kyle, or myself, we're all quarterbacks. We're going to be team players first, but we all want to be out there playing.

There's more.

"Every quarterback on our roster wants to play," Quinn said. "We're going to be team players first but we all want to be out there playing on the field."

This, of course, is exactly what Quinn should say. If he didn't say it, I'd be worried. Does that mean that we have a full-blown quarterback controversy? For me, it is easiest to answer yes and no. The nature of playing quarterback in the NFL is to be second guessed on every play, every throw, every INT. The pressure to play well, week to week, is extremely high. The backup quarterback is the most popular player on most teams in the NFL. Coaches try to squelch controversy as best they can, but unless you have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady it is a practice in futility.

We also know that Josh McDaniels is a huge proponent of competition all over the roster. He likes guys to go hard at every practice, every workout. He believes, as I do, that putting players in pressure situations as frequently as possible will, in turn, create football players that react better when the pressure is on.

The two combined mean there is, at some level, a quarterback controversy.

Will there be a full-blown, Eric Mangini-type quarterback yo-yo in Denver? No way. While McDaniels wants competition, he also knows that allowing players to choose a quarterback to support on their own is a bad idea. Someone needs to get a majority of the reps in practice, someone needs to be the guy heading into the off-season. That guy is Kyle Orton, and as long as he comes to work - he's expected to be in town for the conditioning program on Friday - Orton will be the starting quarterback.

What does that mean, though? Not a whole lot. With McDaniels every day is a new day - a new competition so to speak - for the 53 men on the roster. The best 45 will be active every Sunday, and regardless of pay-check or draft status the best 11 men on offense and the best 11 men on defense will play on Sunday. That means if Brady Quinn is the better quarterback through June, July and August than Quinn will be the guy under center, regardless of who is named the starter today, tomorrow or next month.

Several players have bristled at this type of work atmosphere. One by one, McDaniels is ridding the Broncos of guys that don't want to compete or won't compete. In their place are pplayers that look forward to coming to work - everyday - not just when the bright lights are on and camera rolling.

Kyle Orton is that type of player. Soon we'll find out if Brady Quinn is that type of player as well. Josh McDaniels thinks so, and based on Quinn's comments he is ready to dive right in and compete. The Broncos will only be better for it.