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A Different Broncos Mock Draft: First Edition

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally at a point in the offseason where I feel comfortable publishing a complete mock Broncos draft post.  I believe that the stage is largely set for April’s draft.  Before I go on, I’d just like to tip my hat to my colleague Sayre Bedinger.  His tireless efforts have provided us a wealth of information and thrust himself into the middle of nearly every draft-centric debate imaginable because of them.  Though we will produce differing mocks, we are all brothers in arms here.  And so, without further ado: on to the mock draft!


#11: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

Scouting notes: prototypical size and experience playing inside linebacker in the 3-4 alignment… reads plays early and reacts efficiently… struggles a bit in man coverage, but plays well in a zone and has adequate hands… has good instincts as a pass rusher, but should develop his technique further… exceptional when playing the run… textbook tackler… supplements exceptional instincts with extensive film and playbook studies… natural leader and an extension of the coaches on the field.


#45: Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern

Scouting notes: needs to improve his strength and fill out his 6’7 frame, but he’s big and strong enough to play defensive end in the 3-4 alignment now, though somewhat limited… played defensive tackle in passing situations in college… can disrupt the passing game by pressuring the QB, blocking passes at the line or even covering receiving options in the flats… is more of a pass rusher than a run stuffer… decent technique, but could use more work… is definitely quick, somewhat fast, but not all that agile… solid tackler, but struggles with more elusive targets… team leader and hard worker.


#80: John Jerry, G, Mississippi

Scouting notes: massive and powerful for a guard… could play right tackle… needs to keep his weight in check and improve his conditioning… quick and agile enough to pull, but he struggles in space… has a mean streak… needs to improve his technique, but has the tools to be effective as a pass and run blocker as is… good NFL bloodlines… very experienced and decorated in the SEC.


Fourth Round – Approximately #115: Riley Cooper, WR, Florida

Scouting notes: complements his ideal size with good strength and physicality… deceptively and effectively fast… uses his physical tools well to strengthen his routes… great ball skills, good hands and improving – already solid – technique… willing and effective blocker… successful two sport star at UF who prefers football.


Sixth Round – Approximately #187: Jeff Byers, C, Southern California

Scouting notes: has good size, solid strength and excellent mobility… more experienced at guard, but most recently played center… strong, balanced run and pass blocker… needs to improve his technique to maximize his effectiveness… is smart, works hard and has a bit of a mean streak.



Seventh Round – Approximately #225: Walter McFadden, CB, Auburn

Scouting notes: solid size and speed… experienced in the SEC… good NFL bloodlines…

Overall mock draft notes: I did not allow for trades, mostly because I feel they are too difficult to forecast and can become a bit of a crutch.  As for the picks themselves, these potential Broncos are generally big, tough, smart, versatile, hard-working, leaders out of high profile college programs.  That reflects the mantra that head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Brian Xanders have been preaching since they arrived in Denver.  I also tried my best to address the apparent areas of need on the roster with limited resources while not sacrificing too much value.  Well friends, there you have it!  I look forward to our continued conversation in the comments below and, as always, go Broncos!