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Live Interactive Mock Draft #1 Redux: Looking Back Before Moving Forward

On the eve of the next Live Interactive Mock Draft here at MHR, I thought it would only be fair to take one last look at its predecessor.  As has been said before, the original was an expansive and entertaining endeavor.  As the updated rules reflected, however, I felt that it would be best to streamline the existing process and use that opportunity to add a new element or two.  Nevertheless, the product of the former deserves its moment in the sun, if only so we can see how far we’ve come so far this offseason!


Though it may be unfair to "grade" this particular mock at this point in time… well, that never stops the expert punditry and – at least in this case – it's all in good fun!  The Broncos haul (guard Mike Iupati of Idaho in the first round, quarterback Tony Pike of Cincinnati in the second and center J.D. Walton of Baylor in the third) was highly controversial, in part because it was the product of an inflexible target list due to a prior commitment for the team representative on draft day.  Obviously, the drafting of a QB is a moot point now, so I won’t dwell on that pick, but the other two selections address our two greatest needs with quality prospects; though an argument can be made that value was sacrificed with those particular selections, I think it wasn’t so much as to render them inefficient. 


As for the other teams, I particularly liked what the Jaguars did with only two picks and appreciated the gambles taken by the Bills; I thought that the Seahawks came away with the single most impressive haul, with the Lions close on their heels.  The full mock draft results, along with the respective team rep’s comments on their selections, are below the fold!

1. St. Louis Rams - Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

The Rams have been picking at the top of the draft for quite a few years now, and during that time, they have never taken a QB. In 2009 they passed on Mark Sanchez and chose OT Jason Smith. In 2008 they passed on Matt Ryan and chose DE Chris Long. In 2006 they passed on our boy Jay Cutler and went with CB Tye Hill. It's time to try a new strategy. Now they have their Franchise QB.  I struggled with this selection and did not make it lightly. The #1 pick in the draft must not only be an impact player, but should be worth the high salary that he will demand. So it really came down to the two QB's (Bradford and Clausen). Jimmy Clausen played in an Offense that was closer to an NFL Offense under Charlie Weis, and Sam Bradford decided not to throw at the Combine. The question on his shoulder also factored in to the process. Bradford is the sexy pick, but Clausen is the safe pick (for the money).

2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

"Wahoo!!!  Ahem...  Yes, we were very pleased to find Suh available here.  McCoy was a tempting pick as well, but our feeling based on extensive research was that Suh was the better fit for our team.  Our D-Line played well last year (coach speak), but we could definitely use some solid young talent."

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

Not since Warren Sapp went to the Raiders have the Bucs had a DT of McCoys ability. Suh clearly had the better 2009 football season (his Sr. year) , but compare his Jr. year to McCoys Jr. year, then combine that with McCoys superior athletisism, and it becomes possible for McCoy to move into the conversation for the #1 pick overall.  Eric Berry might be of equal talent, and the fans love the fact that he was trained in former Buc's DC Monte Kiffen's Tampa-two, but he just doesn't fill a need as much as McCoy.

4. Washington Redskins - Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

This pick comes down to allowing for Jason Campbell, and perhaps future signal callers, a chance to play football standing up. Russell Okung solidified his status as this year’s top LT prospect by measuring in at 6’5+, 307lbs, and putting up 38 reps 36" high (arm length). He reminds me of a guy named Ryan Clady. Brian Bulaga’s weak combine reps and short arms, coupled with Anthony Davis’ questionable work ethic made this choice all that much easier.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry, DB, Tennessee

6. Seattle Seahawks - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Matt Hasselbeck's injury concerns over the past few years have forced us to look for the quarterback of the future; and we were lucky enough for our top-rated player to still be there at pick #6. Coach Carroll was really impressed with Bradford's accuracy throwing the football and the way his shoulder injury healed up.

7. Cleveland Browns - Rolondo McClain, ILB, Alabama

8. Oakland Raiders - Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

9. Buffalo Bills - Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

We have a lot of needs all around. With the departures of T.O. and Josh Reed, we need some serious help at receiver. This pick helps to address that. While O-line is definitely a concern, having the #9 pick and staring at Bryant, the best receiver in the draft… he was too good to pass up.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Joe Haden, CB, Florida

11. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - Mike Iupati, G, Idaho

12. Miami Dolphins - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, USF

Our Pass D last year was 24th in the league. We have good young corners and with the depth at D Line in this draft we decided to go with the BPA. JPP filled a need and has unmatched potential. He will be used as a rushing OLB in our system in an Elvis Dumervil like way. He will put pressure on the opposing QB and his run stopping game is strong.

13. San Francisco 49ers - Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

Mike Singletary is going with his man Alex Smith and needs to protect him

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) - Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers

With Walter Jones most likely retiring, we had a huge need open up on the left side of the line. This pick also makes sense because we have to protect the blind side of our new "franchise" quarterback, and Davis will do exactly that. Coming in a 6'6" and 325 lbs, Anthony Davis towers over his opponents and actually has a similar build to Walter Jones. I'd say that is a pretty good draft for us so far, with picking up a franchise QB and a franchise LT!

15. New York Giants - Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

We feel that Derrick is one of the most gifted football players in the draft.  Not only did we expect him to go in the top 10 but thought he was a top5 talent. We believe he'll help our rotation on D-line and give us the flexibility to rush 4 DE on long passing downs and eventually grow into the starting roll and be a 3 down player with a lot of hard work.  And with the injuries and free agent concerns on our D-line this was almost a non brainer pick to improve our Defense and football team.

16. Tennessee Titans - Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

17. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) - C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

Despite other glaring needs such as Safety and Cornerback, we couldn’t overlook the BPA at this spot.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Earl Thomas, DB, Texas

Even though Ryan Clark may be re-signed at free safety, this was a major hole in the steeler defense. Thomas should start next to Troy from Day 1 and should make up the best safety tandem in the league.

19. Atlanta Falcons - Taylor Mays, S, USC

20. Houston Texans - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

There is a definite weakness in the Texan’s defense at secondary, especially with dunta robinson now leaving. I was hoping for Mays or Thomas to drop to 20 but that did not happen. The other consideration at this pick was Patrick Robinson from Florida St. but I like Wilson better in coverage and instincts.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

He was not on our target list at all, but was just too good a value to pass up. We were looking at Taylor Mays or Earl Thomas at safety, to be honest.

22. New England Patriots - Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

We needed a pass rushing boost in the worst way last year after dealing Richard Seymour to the Raiders. We feel that Kindle can provide that by playing a role similar to former Longhorn teammate Brian Orakpo and current Denver Bronco star Elvis Dumervil.

23. Green Bay Packers - Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

"The Green Bay Packers are excited to announce that we have selected Bruce Campbell, OT out of Maryland, with the 23rd overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. We expected Bruce to be long gone by the time we were picking (you hear me Al Davis?), so the fact that he dropped is obviously very exciting to us. We are well aware of the injury concerns that some teams had with Bruce, but we feel like selecting him 23rd overall is a great value pick because despite those concerns, Bruce comes with tremendous upside, and we are looking forward to having Bruce on the field once OTA's begin. We're excited that we now have a legitimate left tackle that can protect our quarterbacks blind sind for the next decade."

24. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan

Defensive end was probably our biggest need and we filled it nicely with Brandon Graham, the stud from Michigan.  He is mostly known for his ability to stop the run, but he is also a very capable pass rusher.  He could play in either a 4-3, as an end, or the 3-4, as an OLB.

25. Baltimore Ravens - Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech

He was our 3rd choice, behind Golden Tate and Kyle Wilson. We picked him because we’ve lacked a deep threat/play making WR. And Thomas, at 6'3 229 with 4.59 in the 40 (approximately), will be a great WR for years to come. I know he didn’t participating in the combine because of injury, but we love his potential in this offense.  Flacco to Thomas will be a nice thing to hear for years to come.

26. Arizona Cardinals - Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida

27. Dallas Cowboys - Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida

Center Maurkice Pouncey will help to solidify our offensive line for years to come and you can never have too much beef on the O-line

28. San Diego Chargers - Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech

We could've gone with Terrence Cody here but with LaDanian Tomlinson gone and Darren Sproles unlikely to re-sign, running back felt like a more pressing need.

29. New York Jets - Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

30. Minnesota Vikings - Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

31. Indianapolis Colts - Charles Brown, OT, USC

We are ecstatic to have this tremendously talented tackle fall to our position.  This pick allows us to play Brown at LT immediately, and move Charlie Johnson into guard, putting the rest of our line in more natural position.  With the fall of Tony Ugoh, this was a definite position of need.

32. New Orleans Saints - Everson Griffen, DE, USC

33. St. Louis Rams - Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois

We need a Receiver to go with their new QB, and Benn at, 6'- 2", 220 lbs., gives Clausen a big target. He runs a 4.50 40 time.

34. Detroit Lions - Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida

"There was further great rejoicing in our war room when we saw that Dunlap was still available at 34.  This was not something we expected, but we were quick to capitalize on it.  The addition of this very talented young man, along with Suh, will greatly strengthen our pass rush.  We look forward to flattening that pansy QB for the Bears twice every year for many years to come!"

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Missouri

The 1995 draft was the best ever in the Bucs history, because it brough two hall-of-fame players in Sapp and Derrick Brooks, both vital to their superbowl championship lead by their revolutionary tampa-two defense.  With 5 DEs gone already, I chose who I believe to be the best of the 4-3 LBs, after raising his stock to 1st round prospect in the Senior Bowl.

36. Kansas City Chiefs - Ricky Sapp, DE/OLB, Clemson

37. Washington Redskins - Vladimir Ducasse, OT, Massachusetts

Well, um, I botched it. Denver's not in the market for OT's, so not being as familiar with them, I missed by not crossing him off my list of possibilities. At 330lbs., he's too heavy to work with what Mike wants to do. With a re-do, I would select Jahvid Best, as no other OT's are within reaching distance at the time.

38. Cleveland Browns - Jared Odrick, DL, Penn State

39. Oakland Raiders - Navorro Bowman, LB, Penn State

40. Seattle Seahawks - Jahvid Best, RB, Cal

Julius Jones and Justin Forsett are probably best as back up and complimentary players. With Best, we add some speed and game-breaking ability. Coach Carroll had to play against this kid once a year at USC, so he knows what Best is able to do and was extremely fortunate for him to fall to the 40th pick. Seattle Seahawks management are happy to call it a day after drafting Sam Bradford, Anthony Davis, and now Jahvid Best...

41. Buffalo Bills - Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Well, this will likely be the talk of the draft. The Bills need a QB, along with about 50 other positions, so they may as well take the best college QB to ever grace an NCAA football field with his presence. With Dez Bryant being drafted, as well, Tebow could have another rookie weapon to develop and learn as he does. Tebow better learn fast, because he could be playing in his rookie season, based on the Bills' lack of talent at the position, to begin with.

42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago) - Damien Williams, WR, USC

Since Antonio Bryant will not be resigned, the Bucs need to surround new QB Josh Freeman with more weapons.  Although 5 WRs were selected in the top 33 pics, I think only 3-4 will actually be 1st round pics. I would have selected WR Benn, if he was  available at my 35th pick, but my gamble that the run on WRs might slow allowed me to get a WR with my second 2nd round pick that many thought could be a 1st round pick. Williams is a great route runner, is an accomplished returner, and played in a NFL offense at USC, under Coach Pete Carroll and O.C. Jeremy Bates. He had a solid year despite having a true freshman at QB, his 3rd QB while in college (Arkansas transfer)

43. Miami Dolphins - Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama

We decided to go with the big Terrance Cody because he is your typical space eater that is needed in a 3-4.  He will need to trim down a little bit but we feel he can demand the double team, stop the run and let others get pressure on the QB.

44. New England Patriots (from Jacksonville) - Dexter McCluster, RB/WR, Ole Miss

This pick helps us in the backfield by essentially replacing Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk with a younger and more versatile back to complement Laurence Maroney. McCluster can also go out wide and be useful for Tom Brady in the slot/flat. We expect Dexter to be the Darren Sproles of sorts for the Patriots.

45. Denver Broncos - Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

46. New York Giants - Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma

We are very excited to further build our team with players we believe will contribute to our success.  As most of you know the Giants gave up 14 more TD pass last year then the year before and got 10 less sacks.  Our philosophy is those numbers are very connected to one another.  We believe in creating QB pressure which we address with our first pick and that we need more competition in our secondary to further slow teams passing attacks.  D. Franks we also expect to be a punt returner for us and help with our starting field position.  We look forward to getting Mr. Franks into camp and up to speed and began his learning process for what we expect should be an exciting career.

47. New England Patriots (from Tennessee) - Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

When Welker went down w/ the ACL injury, Shipley was immediately targeted to replace him in the lineup alongside Randy Moss. Jordan is a Welker clone that can wreak havoc playing in the slot when Welker comes back and moves to the outside.

48. Carolina Panthers - Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

49. San Francisco 49ers - Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers

We struggled against the pass last season. Nate Clements is being paid a lot of money to be a #1 cornerback but he has struggled a little. Shawntee Spencer has shown some promise but he may be more suited for a nickel role. This position needs an influx of talent for depth and competition purposes.

50. Kansas City Chiefs (from Atlanta) - Taylor Price, WR, Ohio

51. Houston Texans - Brian Price, DT, UCLA

A second necessity is along the defense line.  We needed someone to compliment Antonio Smith and Mario Williams; Brian price is one of the best DT prospects after Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy. We’re very happy that he fell to us in the 2nd round.

52. Pittsburgh Steelers - Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State

Not a real big need here but I felt like he was the BPA. With the possibility of losing "fast" Willie Parker, Ryan Mathews comes in and shares the workload with Mendenhall and shores up a pretty spotty run game. Now the Steelers can get back to smash mouth football and in my opinion, the second best RB in the draft after C.J. Spiller.

53. New England Patriots - LaMarr Houston, DL, Texas

We selected Houston to build depth on the line because of his versatility to play on 3 downs. When we play a hybrid of 3-4 and 4-3, he doesn't have to come off the field. The plan is to start him off at NT behind Vince Wilfork and gradually move him around to DE if the situation requires it.

54. Cincinnati Bengals - Chad Jones, S, LSU

Our second round pick of Chad Jones (S, LSU) was determined by missing out on safeties in round one.  If he hadn't been there I was going with Nate Allen.  Thought about TE, but need one who can also block.  Maybe we’ll get one in third round.

55. Philadelphia Eagles - Nate Allen, S, USF

56. Green Bay Packers - Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

The Green Bay Packers are very happy with their 56th pick in the draft, OLB Jerry Hughes out of TCU. We feel like he is a talented kid with a lot of potential, and by picking him we now have an extremely talented core of OLBs in him and Clay Matthews, on which our pass rush can count on for the future."

57. Baltimore Ravens - Cam Thomas, DL, UNC

We took him because he’s a legit 3-4 NT/DE and Kelly Gregg is getting up there in age. So Thomas can take over for him in a year or too. He may be able to move over to one of the end spots as well, like fellow linemen Haloti Ngata.

58. Arizona Cardinals - Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma

59. Dallas Cowboys - Corey Wooten, DE, Northwestern

In the second round, we were pleased to add at defensive end from Northwestern: Corey Wooten. At 6'-6" 280 lbs and running a 4.7 forty... Quarterbacks beware!

60. San Diego Chargers - Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State

Carrington gives the Chargers some much needed depth at defensive end.

61. New York Jets - Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama

62. Minnesota Vikings - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan

63. Indianapolis Colts - Greg Hardy, DE, Mississippi

With poor play from Raheem Brock last season, depth is needed behind the stellar, albeit injury plagued, Dwight Freeney.  Greg Hardy is a first round talent who fell because of durability concerns.  His style of play is very similar to Dwight Freeney, with a very explosive first step and a solid spin move.

64. New Orleans Saints - Reshad Jones, S, Georgia

65. St. Louis Rams - Tyson Alualu, DT, Cal

The Rams get some help on the D Line with the 6'- 2", 291 lbs Samoan.

66. Detroit Lions - Jason Fox, OT, Miami

"We were again thrilled to find a player we had targeted waiting for us here.  It's not often one gets to draft a 3-year starting LT and MVP from the U in the 3rd.  We just spoke with Jason and he is recovering well from the late season illness.  We expect him to contribute greatly this season protecting our young franchise QB (who also just called to applaud this selection)."

67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan

In the second round, I put alot of thought into drafting Nate Allen or Chad Jones, after I passed on Eric Berry in the 1st.  However, I decided to wait until the 3rd round where I figured I could get Myron Rolle, SS FSU.  Then I realized that nobody had picked Donovan Warren, who in our 1st group mock draft on went to Tennessee in the FIRST ROUND.  Needless to say, his value was too much to pass up.  And there is always Darrell Stuckey in later rounds??

--. Washington Redskins - made in 2009 Supplemental Draft

68. Kansas City Chiefs - Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona

69. Oakland Raiders - Chris Cook, CB, Virginia

70. Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle) - Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, Cal

71. Cleveland Browns - Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State

72. Buffalo Bills - Jason Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale

Addressing another need with this pick, the Bills need help at OT. Jared Veldheer would be a great addition to the line. He is very athletic, running a 5.09 40 time and looked great in other events at the combine, as well. The one drawback is his short arms (33 inches), but with his speed, it might not be that big of a deal. At this point, the Bills need bodies at tackle and at 6-8 and 312 pounds, he is a big body that can move. Jared Veldheer was projected as a second rounder, so to get him in the third is a pretty good value.

73. Miami Dolphins - Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati

We knew going in that Wide Reciever was a need in this draft and with Gilyard falling all the way to the 3rd round we couldn't pass him up.

74. Jacksonville Jaguars - John Jerry, G, Mississippi

75. Chicago Bears - Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech

76. New York Giants - Daryl Washington, LB, TCU

Once again we feel very fortunate that a player of Mr. Washington's production fell so far in the draft to us at #76 as we had a late second round grade on him.  While Mr. Washington played ILB in college we like his versatility to look at both strong side and inside LB on our club, particular on passing plays early in his career.  His speed and ability to read a play are excellent.  He is also expected to boast our special teams with his aggressive play from day one as a player with several blocked punts in his career.  He will be invaluable at creating competition additionally in replacing our former D leader and ILB A. Pierce in addition to last years pick Golf and other players we plan to look at in free agency.

77. Tennessee Titans - Matt Tennant, C, Boston College

78. Carolina Panthers - Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida

79. San Francisco 49ers - Myron Rolle, S, Florida State / Oxford

We had some issues with their safety play this season. Dashon Goldson is a good special teamer and Michael Lewis is a major liability in the passing game. This position needed to be addressed to keep the development of this defense moving forward. Myron is a very smart player academically (Rhodes Scholar) and he has many first round qualities.

80. Denver Broncos - J.D. Walton, C, Baylor

81. Houston Texans - Tony Gerhart, RB, Stanford

One of the woes that the Texans had similar to the Broncos was short yardage situations. Slaton was too small, Chris Brown didn't have the vision or the technique, and Moats was too small as well. Toby Gerhart is a huge guy for RB with decent spend (ran a 4.5 at the combine) with good vision and instincts. He will hopefully solve short yardage and goal line problems for the Texans and be a good one-two punch with Steve Slaton.

82. Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Johnson, G, Alabama

Another major need for us was O-Line. It didn't really matter which position either. I think this was our biggest remaining need. The running game struggled last year and didn't have a whole lot of holes to run through.

83. Atlanta Falcons - Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida

84. Cincinnati Bengals - Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois

We chose Jon Asamoah OG Illinois because it was a big need and probably the steal of the draft. Second best guard going at #84.

85. Oakland Raiders (from New England) - Larry Asante, S, Nebraska

86. Green Bay Packers - Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa

87. Philadelphia Eagles - Joe McKnight, RB, USC

88. Baltimore Ravens - Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse

The kid is talented. He does have off the field issues, but we think the locker room there with players like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed to name a few will keep the kid in line. At his 6-2 212 frame he runs a 4.49 in the 40. So he would become a nice threat alongside fellow rookie Demaryius Thomas for years to come.  Somewhere, Joe Flacco is smiling right about now.

89. Arizona Cardinals - Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech

90. Dallas Cowboys - Major Wright, S, Florida

In the third round, Major Wright at safety should give us the time to get those opposing QB's and help with the run as well.

91. San Diego Chargers - Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama

Arenas will help replace Sproles and will be a nickel corner at worst.

92. Cleveland Browns (from New York Jets) - Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida

93. Minnesota Vikings - Jason Worilds, DE, Virginia Tech

94. Indianapolis Colts - Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forrest

With Marlin Jackson struggling with injuries, and Kelvin Hayden the only sure thing at CB, Ghee represents terrific value at this point in the draft.  He has terrific speed to keep up with receivers, and is big enough to guard the larger receivers typical in the modern game.

95. New Orleans Saints - Koa Misi, LB, Utah