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Power to the People! Comcast to sponsor MHR for 2010

via <a href="">Just plain stealing from Stampede Blue!</a>
via Just plain stealing from Stampede Blue!

Another great day in the annals of Mile High Report.  Comcast has decided to sponsor MileHighReport, and several other SBNation NFL Blogs for the rest of 2010.  That is big news.  It also shows that you, the members of Mile High Report have tremendous power and a voice that extremely large entities like Comcast want to hear from.  We can provide the technology and the content, but it is you, the reader, that gets Comcast's attention.  Kudos!

So what does the partnership mean to you?  First and foremost it shows that SBNation, MHR and Comcast are committed to each other and to you the reader.  There will be a weekly post sponsored by Comcast, similar to the posts that went out weekly during the season.  Those posts, creatively targeted towards the Broncos trials and tribulations in the Red Zone were in honor of Comcast's Red Zone Channel.

What will we do for an encore?  It remains to be seen, but I promise it will be something creative, something informative, and most importantly not filled with commercial-type stuff.  It will be all MHR, all the time!

Of course, Comcast does offer some pretty neat stuff to football fans, including -

* Comcast's cable lineup, including NFL Network, will offer wall-to-wall draft coverage including a live broadcast of the draft

* NFL Network on Demand on Comcast will complement all the live draft coverage with profiles of the 100 top prospects available leading up to the draft

* Comcast's NFL programming will also include extensive training camp coverage, preseason game broadcasts and full coverage of Hall of Fame weekend

* During the regular season, NFL Network on Demand lets you re-watch every NFL game as soon as 24 hours following it's original airing

* The wildly successful and popular Red Zone will be back on Comcast for a second season

So thanks again to the best fans in the world - both the world of the NFL, and the world of fan advocacy.  Because of you I get to do this, and the suits are beginning to take notice.  Be loud, be proud!  GO BRONCOS!