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MHR Community Mock Rolls On -- #6, #7, #8...

With the #6 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select....

FS Earl Thomas, Texas

Seattle Seahawks

Round 1, Pick #6 overall



Details of the pick after the jump...

Would he have been there at #14?  We'll never know.

From GM maxwellsdemon:  The Seahawks have a lot of holes to fill but I wanted a player who would be useful almost immediately and would make an impact in multiple areas. With some great players in the draft at defensive back, but from what he has shown, Earl Thomas is one of the most well rounded and pro-ready safeties out there. From the start can split duty at full safety and start at cornerback. While he is not a large player, he can land some big hits and is much stronger than he looks. Very versatile, and with his strength, he has the ability to rush the quarterback. 

Despite having trouble wrapping players up, I believe that through training camp we can improve his technique and build on his aggressive style of play. He has the ability to read quarterbacks, and with his speed and hands, he could be a great threat anywhere on the field. Has been bulking up since the Combine and with an off-season training camp under his belt, he will bulk up a bit more. While young, he is very well developed and has a big upside.

Commishes' CommentsErnesto:Despite our fair share of surprising selections thus far in this draft, this is the first to truly surprise me. While I personally like Thomas as a draft prospect, taking him at #6 overall feels like a reach to me. What makes this even more puzzling is the availability of Sooner stars QB Sam Braford and DT Gerald McCoy, who have been discussed with regards to the top pick; they would both fit in nicely in Seattle, especially the former. All that said, the Seahawks are getting a solid player here and he should be able to help right away.   Sayre: This pick is an absolute shock. I don't get it. Seattle needs an offensive tackle. They need a QB of the future and are staring Sam Bradford straight in the face. Is this a gift to former Mr. Seattle Mike Holmgren and Cleveland? The Seahawks are also transitioning to the 3-4 defense, and could have taken a hybrid DE/OLB here, possibly even Dez Bryant at wide receiver. Even that would have been less of a reach. In Thomas, Seattle is getting a CB/S hybrid guy who is tough as nails. He will be a solid player, but the hype and money that come with a sixth overall pick would have been much better invested on Brandon Marshall. The Seahawks do have another pick in round one, so we'll see how that goes.



With the #7 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns select....

DT Dan Williams, Tennessee

Cleveland Browns

Round 1, Pick #7 overall

GM oc60



Things are getting crazy folks!

From GM oc60: The perfect match with Shaun Rogers to improve the run and pass defense’s. We’re counting on Williams to wreak havoc in the middle of the line to open things up for the db’s. Williams was a three-year starter for the Tennessee Vols. He has an excellent combination of size, strength and athleticism for an interior defender. He plays with great pad level and a natural base to anchor effectively versus the run. He is a powerful bull-rusher who can collapse the pocket in the passing game. He is tough to move due to great initial punch and good balance and will draw many double-teams on the inside. He feels pad pressure well and understands how to leverage blockers to maintain gap responsibilities.

Commish's CommentsErnesto:  One of the reasons Williams has been linked to our Broncos in many mock drafts is because the nose tackle is the cornerstone of the 3-4 and quality prospects at the position are hard to come by. Perhaps for those reason, some may consider this move a sensible one for the Browns, who despite already having a veteran star at NT, can't count on him forever. That said, this feels far too early for Dan to come off the board, as I have my doubts about his true value. It's another surprising move that is making this draft unique and intriguing!  Sayre: This is an odd choice to me. Dan Williams looks like a 2nd or 3rd round prospect for the first three years of his career, and then he comes out of nowhere. I believe him to be the benefactor of Monte Kiffin, who utilized his quickness and upper body strength very well in the Tampa 2 defense. I don't see how he meshes with a 3-4 defense, because he has yet to prove he can command a double team consistently in college, and thus he does not project, in this guys opinion, to a 3-4 NT very effectively. If the plan is to kick him outside, this pick makes more sense, but is still a major reach with Gerald McCoy still on the board.







With the #8 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Oakland Raiders select....

OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland

Oakland Raiders

Round 1, Pick #8 overall

GM Arimaris



This makes sense...  So why is it so confusing O.o

From GM Arimaris:  At this pick there are multiple players that I considered. The Raiders need a lot of pieces for the puzzle that is their team. CJ Spiller SCREAMS Al Davis pick. Very fast,but lots of questions about durability, but even Al Davis knows they have some skill at RB. Taylor Mays of USC is even faster and there would be the benefit that he could actually come in as a nickel back early on. The issue is I do not think that the Raiders actually see there is a need for a safety. I also took a look at Dez Bryant, but without a 4.4 40 I don't think Davis and Co are interested. That and like Russell last season, I think that King Al would want to give Heyward-Bey another year before they admit their mistake.

In the end I had to go with OT and Campbell has really strong measurables all over. 314lbs, 6'6", 4.85 40, 34 reps on the bench press, 32 vert, the list goes on. He is everything that King Al looks for in a player. He lacks a lot of experience at the college level with only 17 starts, he has some question marks about his intelligence and effort level. Add these facts to the purty numbers he has put up in them there physical tests all these boys run through and you get the perfect replacement RT for the Raiders. One who looks perfect on paper and has some concerns about what could happen at the next level once he gets his big contract. In all seriousness though, I think this is likely their pick. They need help on the offensive line and Campbell IS actually a strong prospect. He is a workout warrior and like Heyword-Bey and Russell the last 2 seasons Davis is likely to gloss over any potential questions and point to his amazing workouts and the fact he is an athletic freak. When he has put in the consistent effort he shows a lot of talent and even potential to be a powerful LT immediately.

Commish's CommentsErnesto: Ever since the Scouting Combine, I think we've all penciled in this pick for one reason or another. On the one hand, OT is definitely a need for the Raiders and it's an arguable claim that Campbell should be next in line after the Okung and Bulaga. On the other hand, Bruce is the type of workout warrior that most sensible franchises have grown weary of. Al Daivs' Raiders, however, are not your ordinary franchise; this selection makes sense, but I fear it'll be the second time in as many years that Oakland reaches for an impressive athelete from the University of Maryland only to come up with a player who doesn't really have a feel for the game yet. Sayre:  Is everyone forgetting that Gerald McCoy is still on the board?! The Raiders need offensive line help, but passing on McCoy would be a catastrophe for them come draft day. This is crazy! Either way, Campbell is the fastest tackle in the draft among potential first round prospects, so it makes a world of sense the Raiders would have interest.




Buffalo Bills are up next, but the board has been pretty much cleared of B-movie actors.  Where do they look next?.


Buffalo Bills

Round 1, Pick #9 Overall

GM kentuckybronco


Round One


  1. St,Louis Rams:  QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
  2. Detroit Lions:  OT Russell Okung. Oklahoma State
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
  4. Washington Redskins:  OT Bryan Bualga, Iowa
  5. Kansas City Chiefs: FS Eric Berry, Tennessee
  6. Seattle Seahawks:  FS Earl Thomas, Texas
  7. Cleveland Browns:  NT Dan Williams, Tennessee
  8. Oakland Raiders:  OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland
  9. Buffalo Bills:   On the Clock
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars:
  11. Denver Broncos:  John Bena
  12. Miami Dolphins:
  13. San Francisco 49ers:
  14. Seattle Seahawks: 
  15. New York Giants:
  16. Tennessee Titans:
  17. SanFrancisco 49ers:
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers:
  19. Atlanta Falcons:
  20. Houston Texans:
  21. Cincinnatti Bengals:
  22. New England Patriots:
  23. Green Bay Packers:
  24. Philadelphia Eagles:
  25. Baltimore Ravens:
  26. Arizona Cardinals:
  27. Dallas Cowboys:
  28. San Diego Chargers:
  29. New York Jets:
  30. Minnesota Vikings:
  31. Indianapolis Colts:
  32. New Orleans Saints: