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2010 MHR Community Draft Continues -- #9, #10, and Guess Who Goes Next

With the #9 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Buffalo Bills select....

QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

Buffalo Bills

Round 1, Pick #9 overall



Details of the pick after the jump...

Draft mana? 

From GM kentuckybronco:  There could have been no better scenario for the Buffalo Bills. Having Sam Bradford fall into our lap was nothing short of miraculous and, let me tell you, the guys in the war room with me right now are cheering enthusiastically. We desperately needed a new face at QB. The whole JP Losman experiment from a few years ago was completely unsuccessful. At some point in the draft, we were going to have to go after a QB. In all likelihood, we believed it was going to be in the second or third round, since Clausen and Bradford were projected to be long gone before we could grab one at pick #9. However, when Sam Bradford was falling down the board, we were grinning from ear to ear with arms open wide saying "Come to Papa".

Ryan Fitzpatrick and Trent Edwards are clearly not the answer at QB. We believe that Sam Bradford is a good first step for the new Bills and will hopefully solidify the QB position, going forward. So there you have it. The new general manager (Buddy Nix) and new coach (Chan Gailey) bring in a new franchise QB.

Commishes' CommentsErnesto: The Bills are sitting at #9, hoping to land their QB of the future; the trade that sent Whitehurst to Seattle and the deal that potentially pays him like a succesful starter increased their chances of doing just that. The quirks of this draft have answered their prayers. While I have my doubts about these QB prospects in the top ten, it's a gamble that Buffalo would happily take and receive nearly universal approval for. Bradford's the sort of kid that you root for and he'll get his chance to prove himself once and for all right away.  Sayre:  This is an outstanding pick. I really have nothing more to say other than hopefully the Bills can nab a top notch left tackle at some point in this draft, otherwise Sam Bradford's shoulder will not be healthy for long. Last year they invested two very high picks on offensive linemen, and I think that will go a long way. Still, this is a nice way to reload your franchise, by picking up the top gunslinger in the draft. I don't think there's any way this happens realistically, though.


With the #10 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select....

DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

Jacksonville Jaguars

Round 1, Pick #10 overall

GM mike birty



BPA never felt so right.  Best RB in the draft.

From GM mike birty:  I came into this draft with a plan. Jacksonville need to save money and come away with a certain player that will help their team. I was going to use the #10 as trade bait. There were going to be some very good defensive players available at #10 and I was going to use #10 and turn it into a first and second this year. I had a trade lined up that would've allowed me to do that but it wasn't one that offered amazing value.

Jacksonville has a terrible defense. They've signed Aaron Kampman and have Derrick Harvey on the roster but they can't get to the passer. They had 14 sacks last year which is the 5th lowest in league history. They play Peyton Manning twice a year. So they have to pick defense. If the trade had happened, one of Pierre-Paul, Dunlap, Morgan, McClain and Haden would be available in the mid to late first round and would help.

But McCoy falling to #10 made me think. I even woke up in a cold sweat thinking about if I should trade in a mock draft for a team that I don't care about. It was about then I reconsidered.

Gene Smith, the Jags GM, has taken the best player available irrespective of need the last few years and McCoy is not only the best player available but he's one of the best in the draft and it wasn't long ago he was a lock to go in the top 3. Now Jacksonville are getting a top 5 talent for number 10 money. So it was a no brainer in the end.

Commish's Comments:    Ernesto:  I am not one of those people who thinks Gerald McCoy is on the same level as Ndamukong Suh, but he's still an impressive prospect and tremendous value at #10. The Jaguars need help on defense, particularly with the pass rush, and this pick will certainly do that and then some. The only surprising thing about this pick is that it took longer than a split second to make.  Sayre:   It's about time, though it somewhat stinks our Broncos missed out on him. The Jaguars need some help on both the offensive and defensive line, and they have not had a dominant line since they broke up the beautiful relationship between John Henderson and Marcus Stroud. Gerald McCoy has the potential to be the best player in this draft both in terms of production and longevity, so this pick screams value, as they get McCoy at a very discounted rate.





Denver Broncos are up next, and except for Bradford Clausen and Williams, every name associated with their first round pick is still available.


Denver Broncos

Round 1, Pick #11 Overall

GM John Bena


Round One


  1. St,Louis Rams:  QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
  2. Detroit Lions:  OT Russell Okung. Oklahoma State
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
  4. Washington Redskins:  OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
  5. Kansas City Chiefs:  FS Eric Berry, Tennessee
  6. Seattle Seahawks:  FS Earl Thomas, Texas
  7. Cleveland Browns:  NT Dan Williams, Tennessee
  8. Oakland Raiders:  OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland
  9. Buffalo Bills:  QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars:  DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
  11. Denver Broncos:  On the Clock
  12. Miami Dolphins:
  13. San Francisco 49ers:
  14. Seattle Seahawks: 
  15. New York Giants:
  16. Tennessee Titans:
  17. SanFrancisco 49ers:
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers:
  19. Atlanta Falcons:
  20. Houston Texans:
  21. Cincinnatti Bengals:
  22. New England Patriots:
  23. Green Bay Packers:
  24. Philadelphia Eagles:
  25. Baltimore Ravens:
  26. Arizona Cardinals:
  27. Dallas Cowboys:
  28. San Diego Chargers:
  29. New York Jets:
  30. Minnesota Vikings:
  31. Indianapolis Colts:
  32. New Orleans Saints: