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Free Agent Profile: Defensive Lineman Dwan Edwards

Aside from Justin Bannan, the Broncos also desire to speak with Dwan Edwards. Both big men are backups to elite defensive ends on the elite Baltimore Ravens defensive line.

Dwan Edwards, 28, is a six foot 290 pound defensive end that has spent his entire career with the Ravens as a rotational lineman.  Edwards was drafted in the second round in 2004 and has exactly the kind of skill set the Broncos are looking for at the defensive end position.

He lacks top end explosiveness to be a huge factor in the pass rush, but that isn't necessarily what Josh McDaniels needs from his defensive ends. The Broncos in 2009 were woeful against the rush and stuffing the run is one of the Dwan's strengths.

In our current form of the 3-4, our defensive ends are more of an interior lineman that are there to take up space and to plug gaps in run support. Our elite outside linebackers are the pass rushers in this scheme.  We don't know if that system will carry over into next season, but if it does, Dwan Edwards could become a solid starter within that scheme.

If, somehow, the Broncos were able to pick up both Bannan and Edwards, the defensive line would suddenly go from being a major need to a minor want.  The position would not be totally fixed, but it would buy the Broncos enough time to develop some of the younger players.

SB Nation Scouting Report:

Assets - A smart, high-motor player. Has fine hand technique and uses his upper body strength well. Can disengage from blocks and make plays.

Flaws - Not an elite athlete and isn't explosive. Doesn't excel in pursuit of quarterbacks. Doesn't get great leverage out of his stance and lacks the footwork of a top pass rusher.

Career Potential - Solid Rotation D-Lineman  (He would not be a rotational player for the Broncos, as his skill set is perfect for the interior defensive "guard" as Steve likes to call it)