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Brandon Marshall's trip to Seattle gets the ball rolling

By now we know that Brandon Marshall is headed to Seattle to meet with the Seahawks tomorrow.  There is obviously some connection in Seattle for Marshall with former Broncos OC Jeremy Bates running things for Pete Carroll.  What comes next is anyone's guess, but goes back to the crux of why the Broncos placed the 1st Round Tender on Marshall to begin with.

First, the Seahawks could sign Marshall to an offer sheet straight up.  The Broncos would have 7-days to match it.  This would put free agency on hold for both teams, in a lot of ways.  If the Broncos decline to match, the Seahawks would give up the 6th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  Despite having 2 picks, the 'Hawks cannot decide which pick to give up in the event of a non-matched qualifying offer.

Should Seattle really want to hold on to the 6th pick, the Broncos and Seahawks could begin talks on a trade of Marshall's tender.  That would send Marshall's rights to Seattle for another package - say the 14th picks and G Rob Sims, as Sayre offered up in his earlier Fan Shot.  That would allow the Seahawks to negotiate at their own pace with Marshall with little outside interference.

This is all preliminary of course.  There will likely be other teams and other offers.  The point, however, is the Broncos will like for the BEST DEAL in regards to what to do with Marshall.  Right now, at worst, the team is looking at the 6th pick in the Draft - or 14th pick.  Can the Broncos go any higher?  Time will tell