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Free Agent Profile: Defensive Lineman Jarvis Green

It's not just Baltimore Raven defensive lineman the Broncos are interested in, the Patriots players are getting interest too. Of course, it wouldn't be a free agent period without McDaniels looking to steal away Belichek's talent.

The Broncos swindled Lonnie Paxton, Jabar Gaffney, and others last year; now it's Jarvis Green's turn. The former 4th round draft pick has seen his production drop a bit in recent years, but he could still add sufficient depth for the Broncos rotation.

Reportedly, the Broncos and Patriots are the last two teams in the running for the 8 year veteran. At 6'3", 285 pounds, he would be a bit undersized for the defensive guard we employed last year, but many signs are pointing towards McDaniels moving farther towards a traditional 3-4.

It's hard to figure out and I know Steve Nichols is already taking notes in an attempt to guess which way the Broncos will go. Either way, Jarvis Green is a solid pass rusher and could take some pressure off of Elvis Dumervil when it comes to QB pressure.

He is a role player, however, but signing both Green and Dwan Edwards would be a huge victory for the Broncos in this free agent market.

SB Nations Scouting Report:

Assets - Good athlete with a nice size-speed package. Has a quick first step and can get into the backfield.

Flaws - Mistake prone. One dimensional when rushing the QB.

Career Potential - Decent role player. (We like role players in Denver.  Right?)