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Denver Broncos Sign DL Justin Bannan to Five Year Deal

J.J. Arrington kicked it all off yesterday, becoming the first unrestricted free agent to sign with the Broncos from the outside, and former Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Justin Bannan can now be added to the list.

Bannan is a ninth year player out of Colorado, and signed a five year deal with the Broncos on Friday the terms were not disclosed, per the Denver Post.

Earlier this morning, I wrote a short biography of Bannan, so for more information on him you can check that out right here.

The Broncos are expected to be active in free agency as the days go on, though Brandon Marshall will be stealing a lot of the headlines.  Bannan's agent had this to say on the signing:

""He’s excited about it," said Tom Mills, Bannan’s Boulder-based agent. ""He played college here and really enjoyed his visit with the team today. He just felt like this was the right fit."