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Free Agency Situation - Mar. 6th 2010 - Broncos

So far, this is where the Broncos are in terms of Pick-up, re-signings, losses, and TBDs.  I'll include brief notes on my own opinions of each player.  See below the fold for the current situation as of noon, 3-6-10.

Picked Up

Bannan, Justin - DE    From BAL.  Has played at NT and DE.  Can play / rotate at any of the DL positions, good run stopper.  I give this move a "B".  Isn't a star player, but has the potential.  Solid player.

Jones, Nathan - CB    From MIA.  Another DB from MIA (we got two great ones last year).  Jones is not a ball hawk, so don't expect many exciting interceptions.  What Jones does well is keep plays in front of him, and tackles well.  Like Bannon, this is a solid signing.  "B"

Arrington,  JJ - RB    From no team.  DIdn't play last year, cut by Denver.  Is good at returns and receiving, making him a potent threat in screen plays.  Doesn't give Denver the runs up the middle needed.  If he can stay healthy, he's a good signing.  Will raise his value if he can pass-block out of single backs sets.  "C+" 


Hochstein, Russ - OG    Being re-signed is a sign that the team has confidence in you.  Russ can compete for a spot at either OC or OG.  Don't be shocked if he starts.  "B"

Llyod, Brandon - WR    Nothing flashy, but dependable.  I like this re-signing for the depth it gives Denver.  Would do fine at slot, or could play at #2 in a pinch.  "B"


Jordon, Lamont - RB    Released.  Just couldn't fight into the rotation.

Wiegmann, Casey - OC  Released.  Came in to back up Denver legend Nalen, and ended up starting when Nalen was too injured to play on.  Despite his age, Wiegmann did a fine job for Denver.  Denver now needs more bulk and youth on the line.  I wish Casey well.

To Be Determined

Berger, Mitch - P    May see some competition for the spot, but likely to stay.   

Dumervil, Elvis - OLB    There is no way Denver lets this elite pass rusher get away.

Fox, Vernon - SAF    Fox has value on STs, and is a back up at SAF.

Holliday, Vonnie - DE     A mixed bag.  May stay with the team in a back-up role, but doubtful to start.

Gorin, Brandon - OT    With the talent already in place at tackle, and with the current expected influx of OLmen, Gorin may be in trouble.

Greisen, Nick - LB    May have a tough time fighting for a roster spot.

Hamilton, Ben - OG    I put Hamilton's odds at 50/50 of starting for Denver on game day.

Kuper, Chris - OG    Denver is very likely to re-sign Kuper. 

Law, Ty - CB    Older, and looked a little lost coming out of retirement to play for Denver in mid season.  Still, he remains a very smart player, and would be solid as a 4th CB or a back-up.  I'm prediciting he retires.

Marshall, Brandon - WR    This is the name that everyone is waiting on (not just in Denver).  Has star power, excellent hands, moves, and power.  Has made poor decisions on the field (the glove), the locker room (suspensions) and at home (legal).  I call this a win / win situation.  If Marshall stays, the team keeps a powerhouse at WR.  If he goes, the team will get good compensation.

Orton, Kyle - QB    Has improved every year he has played.  Check out this progression (courtesy of Emmit Smith)

QB ratings for Orton:

2005 - 59.7
2006 - N/A
2007 - 73.9
2008 - 79.6
2009 - 86.8

May not be a star QB, but is moving in that direction.  Throws few INTs, and has shown that the "noodle arm" is a myth.  Denver wouldn't be foolish to bring in a young talent to groom, but Orton will have another year with Denver to learn the system, and should get a better OL and run support this year.

Scheffler, Tony - TE    A very good receiving TE that just doesn't fit the type of system Denver is moving towards.  His agent (Bus Cook, who gave us the Cutler problems), is already making comments in the press about Scheffler being disrespected by "only" having a 2nd round tender.  Laughable, if one wants to compare Scheffler to Doom or Marshall in terms of team value.  While I'd like Scheff to stay, I think there's a good chance we get adequate compensation for him.

Smith, Le Kevin - DE    Not likely to start, and may be have problems making the roster in '10.