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Brandon Marshall Open Thread: Seattle Not Expected to Offer WR

The Brandon Marshall visit went as planned, and as expected, Denver likely will not be receiving the 6th overall pick in April's draft (as expected).  Via Adam Schefter of

The Seahawks are not expected to tender an offer sheet to restricted free agent Brandon Marshall during his Saturday visit.

ESPN's Adam Schefter labels the visit a "get-to-know-each other" session as opposed to a full-court press to get Marshall to sign. The process is not expected to happen quickly, and the teams could engage in trade talks in lieu of Seattle surrendering the No. 6 overall pick.

Trade talks, trade talks...The Broncos have to figure they should get equal value to the 6th overall pick if Seattle is not willing to deal.  Denver can keep an All Pro caliber receiver at a cheap price if Seattle does not sign him, so the Broncos are in no position to have to lower his value, contrary to what some Seattle based reporters have speculated.

If the Seahawks want Marshall, a first round pick is coming to Denver.  If not, the Broncos have made a mistake.  The Broncos could get back their first round pick (14th overall) and require Seattle to add a 4th round pick and possibly another player as compensation for Marshall.  It has been rumored that Rob Sims is very available, as he was only offered a 4th round tender.

Sims is a guard who could help the Broncos inside, and just checking over Seattle's roster I can't find any other player who would be equivalent to another 4th round pick.  Perhaps a 2011 conditional pick in addition would suffice.  Who knows really at this point.