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Horse Tracks - 4/13/10 - Back in the saddle again!


After a couple weeks off to enjoy the Florida sun - and recharge the batteries a bit - I am back and fired up for Broncos football.  With the 2010 NFL Draft just 10 days away, there is plenty to talk about.  The big story for the Broncos remains Brandon Marshall.  Will he stay or will he go?  Many people think the Steelers deal with the Jets - a 5th Rounder for Santonio Holmes - hurts the Broncos chances to get solid compensation for Marshall.  Perhaps, but not necessarily.  Circumstances are different in any situation and the value a player has is determined by the person who decides to buy the player, and the circumstances that surround him.  The same could be said in any market.  A few years back we decided to sell our house.  Right across the street was a house that was very similar to ours.  They too were selling, but under different circumstances.  The family was being moved as part of a job transfer.  Their company took over the house and the process of selling it.  They were simply trying to get rid of the house.  Right before we had a deal for our house, the house across the street sold for $30K less than what we were expecting for our house.  For those who have gone through the buying or selling process, you know that 'like sales' are part of the process.  People want to know what similar houses in the area are selling for to feel good about their purchase.  Obviously, this house selling could have been a huge hit to our chances.  Fortunately, our real estate agent was able to talk to our buyers' agent and explain the circumstances.  What does all that mean?  Simple - the Santonio Holmes situation was a special circumstance.  The Broncos know it, and so do other teams around the League.  Could it affect the compensation the Broncos receive?  Maybe, but all it takes is one team that feels Marshall is the piece they need for a deal to happen.  On to the Tracks!

Motivated by a Fresh Start -
"The last thing I remember is watching (Head Coach Josh McDaniels) giving the fist pumps after the game," Green said. "I just saw that energy and saw the players playing for him. Everybody wants to play for a coach like that. For me, I was in New England for all that time, I was ready to move on, period. I've been there my whole entire career. Just watching Josh on the sideline, that was another reason. Like, 'Hey, man, I want to feel that, too."

Look for offensive tackles to turn the NFL draft into a block party - The Denver Post
It's always an interesting challenge for those who put together NFL teams for a living.

Prospects might have to wait a day - The Denver Post
More than a dozen players have been invited to this year's NFL draft headquarters in New York City, including heavy hitters Sam Bradford, Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Russell Okung.

Broncos interested in Rams' ownership - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The decision by St. Louis Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke to exercise his matching rights, allowing him the chance to purchase the remaining 60 percent share of the team will likely be of great interest to Denver owner Pat Bowlen.

QB Chris Simms agrees to terms with Titans - The Denver Post
The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with Chris Simms, bringing back a quarterback they had in 2008 as he worked himself back into shape.

No charges filed against Steelers' Roethlisberger - The Denver Post
Authorities announced today that they will not charge Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after a college student accused him of sexually assaulting her at a nightclub last month.

Is it time for Denver to move Brandon Marshall? | National Football Post
We can talk all we want about the Broncos keeping Marshall around for another season in Denver, but it is about time for head coach Josh McDaniels to spilt from Marshall.

Another key moment in Goodell’s tenure | National Football Post
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is about to face another of the many defining moments of his tenure. Now emboldened with a contract extension, the handling of an A-list player facing sexual assault allegations for the second time in two years is going to be another.

The art of working with athletes | National Football Post
One thing you won’t learn in college, law school or grad school is how to work and interact with professional athletes. However, I will provide some tips that might help.

Ball-hawk fight night | National Football Post
Competition level, production, postseason workouts and character concerns all seem to play a major role every year when evaluating prospects for the NFL Draft. Today, the National Football Post takes a look at two of the nation’s top safeties — Georgia Tech’s Morgan Burnett and Texas’ Earl Thomas — and breaks them down to determine their potential at the next level.

Source: Ed Dickson has visited the Ravens | National Football Post
Oregon tight end Ed Dickson has visited the Baltimore Ravens, according to a league source.

Sixteen players to attend NFL draft | National Football Post
At least the top three prospects for the NFL draft have committed to attend the NFL draft in New York: quarterback Sam Bradford and defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy.

Beck, Cundiff sign restricted tenders | National Football Post
Baltimore Ravens reserve quarterback John Beck signed his one-year, $1.101 million restricted tender.

Anthony Davis visits the Eagles | National Football Post
Rutgers offensive tackle Anthony Davis, a projected first-round draft pick, auditioned for the Philadelphia Eagles today.

Khan committed in his effort to buy Rams | National Football Post
Shahid Khan’s effort to buy controlling interest of the St. Louis Rams was thrown for a loss – not sacked – tonight when minority owner Stan Kroenke announced his intention to purchase 100 percent of the club.

Roethlisberger to meet with Goodelll on Tuesday | National Football Post
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's apology is a start after criminal charges weren't pressed against him following a lengthy sexual assault investigation.

Pete Carroll will give Mike Williams a shot | National Football Post
The Seattle Seahawks are a last-chance destination this weekend.

Report: Packers have interest in Westbrook | National Football Post
One NFC North club has been rumored to be a potential destination for running back Brian Westbrook.

Kroenke making play to buy Rams | National Football Post
In an end around, at least from what the public expected would happen, Stan Kroenke has exercised his right to purchase the St. Louis Rams in full.

Redskins QB Campbell signs tender as trade remains a possibility
Jason Campbell has signed his $3.1 million tender with the Washington Redskins, taking him off the market as a restricted free agent while leaving open the possibility of a trade. Blogs " Blog Archive Seahawks could still make deal for Marshall "
We’ve seen a flurry of big trades in the past week or so, and there is still at least one more blockbuster possible. The Broncos are still looking to deal WR Brandon Marshall by the draft, with the Seahawks continuing to show the most interest, according to league sources.

Despite DA's decision, Roethlisberger may not escape punishment
With the decision by a Georgia district attorney Monday not to hand down sexual-assault criminal charges against Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers quarterback has sidestepped legal trouble again. He's expected to join his teammates in Pittsburgh for offseason workouts in the near future, as he and the Steelers attempt to move beyond the potentially damning episode.

Trade for Holmes just latest in long line of bold moves by Jets
It turns out that bold, as the New York Jets define it, isn't merely about a head coach who trash talks with opposing players or gives the middle finger to opposing fans.

Saints might take a chance on Tebow late in the first round
11. Denver Broncos Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas Kindle is an explosive pass rusher, and more than one personnel director has told me that they like this Longhorn better than they liked former Texas star (and rookie Pro Bowler) Brian Orakpo. Still, would Josh McDaniels have some interest in developing a young QB, maybe one from Notre Dame? An inside linebacker makes sense, too. (Previous pick: Kindle)