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Brandon Marshall signs tender, opening up possibilities

Brandon Marshall is signed, sealed and delivered....for now.  The Broncos Wide Receiver signed his tender offer today, worth about $2.5 million, which will assist the Broncos should they want to trade Marshall - or decide to keep him.

Teams had until Thursday(April 15th) to sign Marshall to an offer sheet.  Marshall went on just one visit - to Seattle - and was never offered a contract by the Seahawks.

According to multiple outlets, the Seahawks and several other teams have expressed interest in Marshall.  The Broncos, should they decide to move Marshall, can discuss terms with teams and find the best deal since Marshall is now signed to a contract for 2010.

The Broncos could also decide to keep Marshall should they not find a trade offer to their liking.  Either way, we'll likely know over the next several days with the 2010 NFL Draft just 9 days away.  Stay Tuned!