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Peter King - 'Ten people under most pressure on draft weekend'

In Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback yesterday he listed ten players, coaches and front office people who are under the most pressure in the upcoming NFL Draft weekend. WIth all the changes in Denver, you had to know the Broncos would make the list, it was just a matter of where Josh McDaniels would land. It didn't take long -

2. Josh McDaniels, coach, Denver.

He's traded Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler in his first 15 months on the job. He and GM Brian Xanders have the 11th, 43rd and 45th picks to start the replenishment, and I expect them to at least take a quarterback by pick 45 to compete with Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn. It's all well and good for McDaniels to have his own program and to be making decisions to get a bunch of his own guys in there. But if this year ends without a quarterback of the future in place in Denver, and the Broncos hired McDaniels thinking at the very least he'd run a great passing game, well, the fans (and the owner) are going to be pretty disappointed.

It;s hard to argue with the though that there is plenty of pressure on the Broncos this weekend. The Broncos drafting a QB that early is up for debate, however, so I ask you, the inhabitants of Broncos Country -