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2010 NFL Draft - Round 1 Open Thread(Picks 1-12)

 2010 NFL Draft
Round/Pick Team
Player, Position, School Comments


Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
This was a no-brainer, really.  The Rams needed a QB to continue the rebuilding process.


  Ndamukong Suh, DT - Nebraska
Again, the Lions got their QB last season, and now they have the stud D-Lineman.  Suh is a dominant defensive lineman


   Gerald McCoy, DT - Oklahoma
3-3 in common sense picks.  McCoy was slotted right here most of Draft season.  Now all hell breaks loose...


  Trent Williams, OT - Oklahoma
A bit of a surprise?  Maybe.  He'll have Chris Samuels to learn from, since Samuels has agreed to work with the Redskins linemen this summer.


  Eric Berry, S - Tennessee
A small surprise, but Berry gives the Chiefs a versatile playmaker in their defensive backfield.  Good pick.


  Russell Okung, OT - Oklahoma State
The Seahawks are elated to get their LT of the future.  With Walter Jones likely to retire, Okung will get plugged right in and play the next 10 years.


  Joe Haden, CB - Florida
The Browns wanted to make a splash - trying to trade up to #1 - but settle for Haden.  He's the most physical CB in the Draft and will start from Day 1.


  Rolando McClain, LB - Alabama
Great pick by the Raiders.  This pick was gaining steam as we approached the Draft and I was worried it would happen.  Mel Kiper thinks it is a reach, but he can play folks, period.  


  C.J. Spiller, RB - Buffalo
The Bills need excitement - they need a gamebreaker.  They get the best one available with Spiller.  The Bills practically ran to the podium to make the pick.  Exciting Player.


  Tyson Alualu, DT - California
The first BIG surprise of the Draft.  First Round talent, not Top-10 talent.  


  Anthony Davis, OT - Rutgers
The Niners come up and grab the Broncos pick to select Davis, who they can pair with Joe Staley.  The Niners now have their bookend tackles for the next decade.



 Ryan Matthews, RB - Fresno State
The Chargers needed a RB and Matthews should plug right in as a solid compliment to Darren Sproles.