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With the 25th Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos Select...Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

Tim Tebow is a Denver Bronco
Tim Tebow is a Denver Bronco

Tim Tebow's NFL dream has been realized.

The Denver Broncos had to give up a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round pick to move back into the first round, but they got their man and still have a good slate of picks with which to work to continue to build the team their way.

Tebow has been undeniably the most controversial draft prospect this offseason, but as we all know, Denver head coach Josh McDaniels has been no stranger to controversy.  The former Heisman trophy recipient is excited to be a Denver Bronco, and says that he cannot wait to contribute to this team in any way he can.

"I just think I showed them I was willing to do whatever it took," Tebow said on ESPN. "I'll do whatever it takes. I want to thank everyone in the organization.

"Over last few weeks, we really hit it off. I was hoping and praying that was where I could play."

Tebow seems to be everything Josh McDaniels and his coaching staff look for and covet in a player.  He is a fantastic leader, he is smart, he has poise, and he is a winner.  McDaniels recently praised Tebow at the Broncos' pre-draft press conference for his improvements over the course of this offseason, and obviously Tebow impressed him to the point where the Broncos used three picks to move back into the first round and pick him.

In all likelihood, Tebow's selection by the Broncos means that one of Denver's other three quarterbacks are on the outside looking in, and right now the heavy speculation is on Tom Brandstater

Many question whether this is a good fit for the Broncos, and it seems that a lot of Tebow's hype has caused him to become a hated prospect, simply because people are tired of hearing his name.  In all honesty, this is a perfect pick for the Broncos, who are in need of a long term solution at the quarterback position.

Kyle Orton's contract expires at the end of the 2010 season, Brady Quinn has not managed to stay healthy for a full season of duty, and Tom Brandstater is the most unproven of the group.  Tim Tebow didn't come from a pro style offense at Florida by any means, but he has all of the physical tools and intangibles to be a very successful quarterback at this level.

Tebow, despite what some in the media have stated, was a very accurate passer at the University of Florida.  He completed nearly 70 percent of his passes in four years with the Gators, and had a touchdown/interception ratio of nearly 9:2. 

Tebow is a phenomenal athlete, as he displayed at the NFL Scouting Combine and his Florida Pro Day by running the 40 yard dash in under 4.7 seconds, with a vertical leap at a very impressive 38.5 inches. 

Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but this guy knows how to get a group of people fired up, and he certainly did that with his interview after he was selected.  Josh McDaniels has this guy's back, and he believes he can lead us to the big dance. 

This is the kind of guy you want to be the leader of your franchise.  He is the guy you want at the end of a game to make the big play. 

Great pick by the Denver Broncos, and oh by the way--they got him a nice new toy in Demaryius Thomas, the wide receiver from Georgia Tech.  Not a bad first day for the Broncos. 

Not bad at all.