A Message from Tebow's Biggest Bronco Critic

So my biggest nightmare has come true for this Merry Draftivus: We drafted Tim Tebow. Not only did we draft him, but we traded 3 picks to move into the first round and draft him. I've got some thoughts after the Jump for all of us to ponder and some messages for our family here.

I'll say this first off: As much as I hate this pick, I love this kid's attitude. He is determined and he is going to need every ounce of that determination to make it in the NFL. I absolutely do love having guys like Tebow and Dawkins on my team...they inspire their teammates and that is a valuable thing to have on your team.

Next, a message for all the doomsayers out there: Stop being hateful please. It is pointless to dredge ourselves in negativity about a player at this stage in the process without seeing what happens. This "bone-headed" pick may be our next answer at the QB position...I don't think he will, but he might. You don't know until you give them a chance to learn, practice, and perform on the field. If you want to hate on McDaniels, Tebow, Xanders, or anyone else on our football team, please go here as you will find more like-minded fans that will appreciate your tastes more. (Note: that doesn't mean you have to love or even like this pick, it means that you don't just spread junk all over...back up your opinions with stats, supporting facts, etc if you must voice your negativity, don't just talk trash)

Congrats to Sayre and all other Tebow fans: I have yet to have a real hero in a draft like Tebow come along that my team has drafted. I am sure you guys are super stoked and are relishing in this. Do that...don't let anyone talking trash get you down. Cheer our beloved Broncos on and Tebow as he is now part of our team.

He's now a Bronco: Whether we think it is a good idea or not, our team's leaders have decided that he belongs on our team. Cheer him on and hope for the best for him. He wears the Orange and Blue now and is part of our family. It may be tempting to hope that he falls on his face (believe is very tempting), but that is not the right thing to do in my opinion. Kick guys out of town, boo them on the field, and post about how much they suck when they show they are either incompetent (Maurice Clarett) or don't want to be part of our team (Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler, Tony Scheffler). Until they show us they don't belong, cheer for them all to do a great job on the football field. Here's a quote from our newest QB that speaks volumes to me:

To be honest, I will wear whatever number they want me to wear. If that's 15, I'll wear 15. If that's 95, I'll wear 95. I don't really care, just as long as I can wear a Denver Broncos jersey.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, even if you don't like the draft pick, this kid WANTS to play for our team. I have nothing but respect for this.

Finally, a message for Tim if he reads the blog:

Tim Tebow, I ask only one thing from you as you start your career as a part of my family: PROVE ME WRONG. Count me as a critic that you say pushes you to have a long and difficult road ahead of you. I will hope and pray for you and am very happy today that you are a Denver Bronco. I may not be a fan of our team picking you this way, but I will be one of your biggest fans now that you are a part of our family. GO BRONCOS!

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