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Thanks to YOU, and Tebow, MHR is the SportsNation 'Site we Like'!

Colin and Michelle
Colin and Michelle


This is pretty cool stuff, and an indication of the community here at MileHighReport.  Each day, SportsNation - a show that airs on ESPN2 at 4:00PM et, Monday through Friday, picks a website and designates them as the 'Site We Like' of the day.

The site is usually related to a big news story, and the Broncos' selection of Tim Tebow in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft is the biggest sports story of the day.  Thus, MileHighReport was chosen as the 'Site We Like' for Friday, April 23rd.

They will feature the site during their show today - ESPN2 at 4PM et - so if you are around, feel free to check it out!

Thanks again to Broncos fans everywhere around the World for making MileHighReport a web powerhouse in Broncos News, Blogs and Comment!