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2010 NFL Draft Potent Quotables - WR Demaryius Thomas

***Transcript provided by the fine folks in the Denver Broncos PR Staff**

On whether he was worried that the injury would hurt his draft status

"I was worried, I was scared actually. I couldn't do anything at the Combine and I didn't know if was going to have a Pro Day. Plus, I played in a triple option and didn't do a lot of the stuff that pro styles really did."

On why he thinks the Broncos drafted him

"I'm pretty sure it was my game film. I made a lot of plays and I'm a good guy. I'm pretty sure my meeting with (Broncos Head Coach) Josh (McDaniels) had something to do with it too."

On why he considers himself to be a good guy

"I stay out of trouble, don't get in any trouble and stay around the right crowd."

On his meeting with Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels

"We actually met on Monday in Atlanta. Basically looked at some film and some stuff. He wrote down some plays to see if could remember them and I did a good job of that."

On the style of offense he played in at Georgia Tech

"Well we didn't throw the ball much. I basically just ran two or three routes.  We had like a hitch, a go route and maybe a comeback. You know a pro style offense has like a route tree with 10-12 different routes. I felt like if I didn't do anything for coaches I wouldn't be drafted (high)."

On whether he'll be ready to contribute at the NFL level

"Well, I ran routes at (Georgia) Tech but I ran them in practice, not in a game. I know I'm going to need help so I'm going to come in and get help."

On the draft process over the last 24 hours

"It's been tough. It's been long and tiring. It's been fun though, I'm glad to be a Denver Bronco."

On having run a 4.38 40-yard dash before his injury

"I think it was good to have it out there. Some people had thought I ran a 4.6 or something so having that out helped me."

On when he ran that 40-yard dash

"A week before the combine."

On how he broke his foot

"I was doing the cone drill - the three-cone drill."

On if he's ever had any other injuries like that

"No sir."

On the rehab

"It's been good, it's at about 95 percent. I'll be at 100 percent in two to three weeks."

On whether he expected to be drafted ahead of Cowboys first-round draft choice WR Dez Bryant

"I know, I actually expected Dez Bryant too. He played in a different type of offense and he made a lot of plays and he's good."

On why he's better than Dez Bryant

"Well, I don't know, I can't say. I know I'm a better person than Dez - that's how I feel. I feel like I'm a better receiver too - bigger, faster - I don't know."

On his impressions of the Broncos' other first-round selection, QB Tim Tebow

"I don't really know Tebow, I didn't watch him much but I know he won a lot of games and that's all that mattered."

On living with his uncle

"His name was James Brown. My mother went to prison in 2000 and moved in with him and ever since then things just changed. I became a Christian, started playing sports, things just changed."

On how living with his uncle changed his life

"Well basically when that happened I knew they (mother and grandmother) were going to be in prison for awhile and I didn't want to be like them and put myself in the position they got in. Basically I stayed around the right crowd and when I moved in with my uncle I felt like I was doing the same thing and that helped me out a lot."

On how far he had to move

"It was in the same city, basically like 10 minutes apart."

On whether his uncle was strict with him

"Well I had curfews; I got up every Saturday at 6:00 am to do work in the yard, so yeah he was pretty strict."