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2010 NFL Draft Potent Quotables - Denver Broncos OL Zane Beadles

***Transcript provided by the fine folks with the Denver Broncos PR Staff***

On what position he played in college

"I played a little bit of guard my redshirt freshman year and then tackle the last three years. I think (the Broncos) are really excited about my versatility and they can see me playing multiple positions along the line. I think that was one thing that maybe sparked their interest in me and something that I take pride in as well. I'm going to come in and compete and work as hard as I can just to make the Broncos better."

On his experience at the center position

"I haven't played much center. I've done some center-quarterback exchange in practice, but have never really taken any live reps or anything like that, but it's something that I think that I could be good at in the future. I think with the combination of my intelligence and my work ethic that I could become a good center someday as well."

On whether the Broncos have asked him to play center

"They asked me how much experience I had with it in the past and if I would feel comfortable in that situation. Obviously, I had the same answer for them as I did for you."

On what blocking schemes he is familiar with

"We run a little bit of everything here at Utah. Obviously, we're a spread offense team, so we run a lot of the inside zone and some outside zone type stuff. So, I'm really comfortable in the zone scheme. We do also run some man-scheme stuff, where we may pull a guard in at tackle in an off-tackle play. We'll run some power or we run a counter, so we run a little bit of everything. Obviously, I'm comfortable; I've done that for five years at Utah. I think that I would fit in at multiple positions and in multiple schemes."

On his contact with the Broncos leading up to the Draft

"They flew me out one day and had me visit. Just a quick trip, you know, I'm in Salt Lake City, so it's just a quick trip over the mountains. I went in and met with them. Then, Coach Clancy, the offensive line coach, came over to Salt Lake that last week and interviewed me here in Salt Lake. I got to work out with him here, as well as all of the contacts at the Combine, so I had lots of contact with them leading up to the Draft."

On if he could step in at Center as a rookie

"I think that I could. You never know until you get in that situation and really start working at it. It's something that is not foreign to me, like I said I feel comfortable snapping the ball and I think it's a matter of getting out there and getting some reps. Time will tell, but I think I could do it in the short-term as well."