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2010 NFL Draft Potent Quotables - Denver Broncos C J.D. Walton

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***Transcript provided by the fine folk with the Denver Broncos PR Staff***

On His Natural Position

"Definitely would have to go with the center position, but I'm down to play any position on the offensive line."

On His Surprise about Being Drafted by the Broncos

"On Draft Day, I was very surprised and very blessed to be able to come to (the Broncos). I had an idea because they came down and worked me out and then flew me out (to Denver), so it was all just waiting on the call and waiting for it to happen. I am very, very happy and very, very excited to be a Bronco."

On If He Can Start at Center as a Rookie

"I am going to have to come in there, bust my butt and learn the offense before I get anything. I will give the respect to the older guys and have them know that I am there to bust my butt and win games with them. I have to earn that position; nothing's going to be given to me."

On His Strengths

"I think my pass blocking is very good... I think I can get out in the space and get out to linebackers in the corners on screens. But, everything's going to have to be bumped up another level just because it's the NFL. Everything's got to be stepped up a notch."