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2010 NFL Draft Potent Quotables - Denver Broncos WR Eric Decker

***Transcript provided by the fine folks with the Denver Broncos PR Staff***

On His foot injury and when he will be ready to take the field

"I had my second surgery to get my hardware removed. I started jogging about three weeks ago, progressing very well... My hope is by June I'll be running. If nothing else, making cuts, probably not a lot of contact stuff. Definitely by July, I'll be ready to go. Full go, no restrictions."

On If he has heard from WR Brandon Stokely

"He sent me a text today and he's one of the fist people I responded to. I've got a lot of respect for Brandon, he's a great guy. He reached out to me in November when I had my surgery. He went through a Lisfranc as well and he told me, "It was going to be fine. It was going to be a process, as far as getting back. That I was going to be healthy, that I would make a full recovery. Try and take the lessons learned from what I've gone through and to try and become a better man.' I'm just trying to become a better man and learn from a guy like him because he's been in the league for a long time, he's been with great organizations and obviously he's a tremendous person."

On If he thought he would've been a first-round pick if not for the foot injury

"That's hard to say. Obviously, this is probably the first time I've watched the Draft all the way through. It was a crazy Draft with all the trades and picks that were unexpected. It's hard to put a label on myself. I went into it with no expectations; I knew that wherever I'd go I wanted to go to a good organization. I'm happy I landed in Denver. I'm not too concerned about what round I go in, I believe that when you get to camp, everybody's got to earn their position and create their own path. In Denver, that's what I hope to do."

On If he last year he decided to find out what he'd been graded at before going back to school

"I did. I took the opportunity to file paperwork to the NFL committee to find out what Draft grade I would get last year. I wasn't really looking to leave because I wanted to finish my senior year at Minnesota and graduate but I did take the opportunity to figure out where I would be (drafted). I believe it was like a 4th or 5th, it was a little higher. I don't know if that's what they tell you. I think they just tell you if you are going to be in the first three rounds. I think I got word back that I would be."

On If Minnesota Head Coach Tim Brewster is still vocal

"Timmy Brewster is a guy with a lot of passion. He obviously loves the game of football but I think he loves his players more. I've got a lot of respect for him. He tried to bring a fiery, competitive attitude to the University of Minnesota. I think he's done a good job; we've had some turnover with some offensive and defensive coordinators. He's done good job of proving himself and University of Minnesota in the Big 10. He's done a great job putting a new stadium in. There are a lot of great athletes there and I think he turned the program around. He's a fiery guy that is fun to play for."

On If he's talked to Coach Brewster since he'd been drafted

"I haven't talked to him but haven't looked at my texts yet. I'm sure in the next couple days he'll reach out or I'll reach out. We'll connect and talk about his experience in Denver."