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2010 NFL Draft -- A Closer Look at Perrish Cox

  Cox is a solid two-year starter, who has an excellent chance of making an immediate impact for the Broncos.  At 5'11", 195lbs, he may remind you of another young, dynamic corner from Oklahoma State, but the comparisons don't end there.

 Cox has always beena  player who was willing to sacrifice his body to get into a play, throwing himself into the defender and excelling at cut tackling, making him seem a lot bigger and tougher than his measurements indicate.  He really likes to snug up close to WRs, and has earned his reputation as a true man coverage corner by racking up 38 PBU and 10 INTs in only 25 starts.  His 4.5 speed lets him stay with speedy WRs and his aggressive play helps him disrupt and track receivers even in the quick passing game that dominates the NFL anymore.  He can break equally quick to the right or left (4.36 to 4.33 break/turn/run speed, respectively) He does a great job keeping his hips open and being able to drive his foot into the ground to close on a cutting WR, making him an extremely versatile DB.  Add in his ability to play off blocks and come up in the running game, and he is a true blue-chip prospect, at a 5th round price tag.

 Cox is a player who grades out in every category as a possible rookie starter, with the potential to become a "Best in Class" type of player if his decision making matures quickly in the NFL.  Add in his return ability, and his chance to compete and contribute early is perhaps the highest I have seen out of a 5th round selection for the Broncos in a long time.  His instincts are tremendous, but he can really take some risky chances, and he has been known to get himself too amped up and to drop the sure INT.  His drop-off in performance at the combine has been attributed to this, but it probably stems as a whole from how mentally involved he gets himself in the game.  As a rookie he could definitely struggle with the size of the game, and so a two-year development track for him should assume that he develops behind Denver's current starters while competing to be a kick returner, with a real chance to make an impact in year-two.