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With the 137th Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos Select...Perrish Cox, Cornerback, Oklahoma State

The Denver Broncos made their first pick of day two, and it was also their first pick on the defensive side of the ball when they selected Oklahoma State cornerback Perrish Cox.

Cox was, at one point, considered a second round prospect, but has fallen because of character concerns and some mechanical concerns.  The Broncos have a lot of veteran leadership in their secondary, and are getting a fantastic athlete who will come in and compete, who is great value at this point in the draft, and a guy who can step in and immediately help out on special teams as a return specialist and gunner. 

Here is a Scouting report, courtesy of CBS Sports

Read & React: Recognizes routes and diagnoses whether the receiver is the primary read by reading body language. Alert to swing passes in the flat in zone coverage. Reads receiver screens, avoids the block and closes to make the play near or behind the line. A step slow attacking in his zone or to chase plays, and will take poor angles to the ball.

Man Coverage: Should flourish as a press cover corner at the next level. Smooth hip transition from backpedal. Best in press coverage, using his length and size to neutralize the receiver, but could be more consistent getting his hands on jersey at the line. Keeps contact with receiver downfield to prevent separation. Has height and vertical leap to win jump balls. Often forces quarterback to look in another direction. Will lose his balance and footing on double moves. Likes to be physical downfield and must be more disciplined in this area.

Zone Coverage: Smooth pedal for his height and usually stays low. Maintains cushion for a few steps. Changes direction easily to shadow receiver. Can knock receiver off a route before letting him go to the safety. Keeps eyes in the backfield to make play on short throws or runs. Will come off his man to give help behind him when the ball is in the air.

Closing/Recovery: Good arm length to knock away passes after recovering, will take the ball out of receivers' hands during the catch. Must learn to read receivers' eyes and turn for the ball in man. Can accelerate to the ball in front of him, but has only adequate recovery speed if beaten off the line or on double moves. Only average hands for the interception, and will drop catchable passes.

Run Support: Willing in run support, displaying the toughness to get after a ballcarrier. Maintains outside leverage to keep running backs from getting the corner. Despite his height and well-developed upper body and leg builds, does not stand up against or get off downfield blocks from larger receivers very well. Uses his speed to run around blocks on receiver screens.

Tackling: Closes on receivers well when playing off, and will wrap the legs or waist to secure the tackle immediately after the catch. Has the strength to lift and plant receivers when tackling with squared shoulders. Drops his head when tackling in the open field, however, leading to missed tackles.

Intangibles: Started to take on a leadership role in the secondary as a senior, but his maturity is under question again after missing curfew before the Cotton Bowl and later tweeting about it. Good work ethic in the weight room, although it does not always translate on the field. Has three children. Arrested for speeding and driving with a suspended license in September 2009. Solid kickoff returner with necessary size and speed but must improve his vision to find open lanes and hit them hard instead of dancing; he will not get the corner against NFL special teams coverage units. Needs work on his blocking when in tandem return formation.