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Unofficial 2010 NFL Draft Undrafted Free Agent List: Denver Broncos

 While not a perfect predictor, the amount of room available at a given position is a very good criteria for delimiting the vast number of decisions to be made when choosing which UDFAs to target after the draft.  This toolkit consists of a quick and dirty outline of where there is still room to add quality players.

 What Denver will be looking for here are primarily players who may not have measured up to the highest standards of their position, but who can upgrade overall depth quality, amd most importantly, who can develop a role on special teams coverage units.

UNOFFICIAL 2010 NFL Draft UDFAs to the Broncos
Position Player
School Comments
Patrick Honeycutt
 Middle Tennessee State  5'9" 170lbs MTSu's leading receiver his last two seasons, the hope is that he has learned his lesson after being charged for providing alcohol to minors at a party that was broken up after shots were fired....
TE  Nathan Overbay  Eastern Washington  6'4" 262lbs An actual TE signing, and a top quality one at that.  Needs to work on his routes, and he will be a 2 year developmental blocker, but he could be one of the more well rounded UDFA TEs to be signed overall.
DT  Jaron Baston   Missouri  6'0"301lbs With this signing Denver is officially carrying an extra OLB/DE, as Baston a traditional interior DL.  He may benefit from attempting to move outside, but he is likely a 2+year developmental prospect who still has room to bulk up and play inside, if given time to develop, with proper tutelage.
 Toney Baker No.Carolina State
 5'9"234lbs 3 year starter who has had serious knee concerns, and was granted an extra year of eligibility for medical reasons.  Physical north-south runner who keeps his squat frame low to the ground, and may be a huge steal if he can pass his physical.
CB  Cassius Vaughn Mississippi  5'10"180lbs A little more DB depth to keep rounding out the group for camp.  Smaller in stature, but has flashed the big play at the key moment.  Could be a nice PS addition.
Ben Garland
Air Force
 6'5"275lbs huge space eating noseguard who was a cornerstone of the Airforce line.  Experienced in the 3-4 with a strong understanding of inside techniques.
SS Marty Bowman Boston College  6'2"218lbs The right measurables get him on the board, and he is just a hair short of being an obvious priority free agent on talent alone.  His height is good, and he is strong at the line, so he'll get a bit longer look.
OT Chris Marinelli Stanford  6'6"300lbs Excellent addition who was a 3 and half year starter at Stanford.  Good technique, not ex ceptionally quick, or athletic, but very sneaky player who runs well for his size.  Terrific developmental prospect.
WR Alric Arnett West Virginia  6'1"188lbs Junior college transfer who runs excellent routes, catches outside of his frame, and has a good understanding of spread and quick passing game concepts.  Very good hitch and bubble screen runner, who is elusive underneath and can slip through blocks undetected.  Questionable motivation and drive.
TE Riar Geer Colorado  6'4"256lbs Big, sit down style blocker who gets the edge sealed effectively, and knows how to get out into the soft spots in the seam.  Great hands, rare drops, doesn't let the ball get into his body.  Works to the ends of plays and finishes off his blocks.  Great addition.
OL Michael Shumard Texas A&M  6'5"305lbs Another BIG OL, primarily a guard, but with LT experience has a ton of experience under his belt, with 40 starts for the Aggies.  Particularly good pass blocker, the Aggie line was one of the better groups in the nation.
RB Chris Brown Oklahoma  5'10"210lbs Not the huge bruiser that we were all expecting, but a quick back who looks like he runs slower than he does, due to a slowing effect he has when he cuts.  Needs to keep working on his pass blocking and blitz pickup, but has natural athletic ability and is a good mix of pass receiving and rotational rushing.
OLB Kevin Alexander Clemson  6'2"250lbs Stout player with decent speed and agility,  but above all, a tremendous work ethic, which could make him a contender this summer.  He is a durable player who notched a lot of snaps and a lot of playing time, yet didn't accumulate a large number of starts.  A borderline talent.
SS Kyle McCarthy Notre Dame  5'11"203lbs 3 year starter, with a heads up style of play and great instincts around the line of scrimmage.  More of a hitter than a ball tracker, and will miss the big play going for the big hit, but still managed 7PBU and 8INT.  Not someone you want to see turning and running to cover a deep WR, but would make a great special teamer with enough talent to squeeze onto the roster long term. 
OL Paul Duncan Notre Dame  6'6"323lbs Yet another big ugly for the front lines, his size can be a disadvantage.  He struggles with speed and power on the ends, and may be better suited to move inside, but he isn't a powerful roadgrader either and tends to get high in his stance.  His strength is getting on the move in the running game, and he could develop into a nice sized backup or package player while possibly contributing on special teams.

  QB:  Carrying 4, which is one more than the typical Camp and 53 man roster target.

 Likelihood of adding a QB:  Highly unlikely.

 RB:  Carrying 5, with room to add one more, but the addition of Tebow may mean that we go in under-target.

Likelihood of adding a RB:  Unlikely.

WR:  Carrying 8, but have room for two more.  With this deep class, there are still quality players available.

 Likelihood of adding a WR:  Highly Likely.

  TE:  Carrying 3, but with Branson being more of a receiving TE, and with room for two more TEs, Denver should be looking for developmental blockers.  But pickings are slim.

 Likelihood of adding a TE:  Likely.

G/C:  Carrying 8, but have room for one more quality player.  Some intriguing possibilities still remain.

 Likelihood of adding a G/C:  Unlikely.

 OT:  Carrying 4, with room for two more.  This position has really been picked clean, but there are some possibiilities.

 Likelihood of adding an OT:  Likely.

DT/NT:  Carrying 3, which is the Camp target, and one more than the 53 target.

 Likelihood of adding a DT/NT:  Highly unlikely.

DT/DE:  Carrying 6 with room to add one more, but the addition of a pass rushing DE/OLB may offset this.

Likelihood of adding a DT/DE:  Highly unlikely. 

DE/OLB:  Carrying 7, which is one more than the camp target and two more than the 53 target.

 Likelihood of adding a DE/OLB:  Highly Unlikely.

ILB:  Carrying 5 which is one more than the 53 target, but there is room for one more in camp.  Several intriguing prospects remain.

 Likelihood of adding an ILB:  Likely.

CB:  Carrying 7, which is 3 short of the camp target and 2-3 more than the 53 target.  The roster is very high quality at this point, but there are STILL good CBs available.

 Likelihood of adding a CB:  Highly Likely.

S:  Carrying 5 which is the 53 target, and all quality depth, but there is room for one more, and plenty of good developmental prospects available.

 Likelihood of taking a S:  Likely.