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2010 NFL Draft 'Semi' Instant Reaction - Denver Broncos Draft Grades

Let's be honest. Grading Draft picks before they go through one mini-camp practice is a bit ridiculous. It does generate conversation, however, and give the fans of the Broncos a chance to let their voice be heard. With that, I present a Monday-morning, post-NFL Draft Poll.

Feel free to let us know what Grade you gave, as well as a reason in the Comments!

To review, here are the 2010 Denver Broncos Draft PIcks -

Round Pos. Player School
1(22) WR Demaryius Thomas Georgia Tech
1(25) QB Tim Tebow Florida
2(45) OL Zane Beadles Utah
3(80) C J.D. Walton Baylor
3(87) WR Eric Decker Minnesota
5(137) CB Parrish Cox Oklahoma St.
6(183) OL Eric Olsen Notre Dame
7(225) CB Syd'Quan Thompson Cal
7(232) LB Jammie Kirlew Indiana