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Broncos Assign Numbers

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This is always a fun time of year - the day when the rookies and new players receive their on-field identities.  Here is a list of numbers for your jersey-ordering pleasure!

2010 NFL Draft Picks:

Demaryius Thomas 88
Tim Tebow 15
Zane Beadles 68
J.D. Walton 50
Eric Decker 87
Perrish Cox 32
Eric Olsen 69
Syd'Quan Thompson 43
Jammie Kirlew 53

New Players/New Numbers

J.J. Arrington 26
Akin Ayodele 51
Justin Bannan 99
D'Anthony Batiste 67
Bruce Hall 29
Tyler Polumbus 77
A.J. Trepasso 2
Jamal Williams 76