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Potent Quotables - Tim Tebow, Demaryius Thomas speak after Mini-Camp Workout

***Transcripts provided by the fine folks in the Denver Broncos P.R. Staff***


WR DEMARYIUS THOMAS (Rd. 1, 22nd overall, Georgia Tech)

On if he's eager to get back on the field

"I am, but I'm not going to rush it. I don't know when I'll be back. I'm just rehabbing now with the team trainers, and I got a lot of mental reps today."

On learning the playbook

"It's a thick book, but basically that's all we do now. So I'm trying to learn my way on the field. I've got to stay in that playbook if I want to do that."

On this draft class' potential

"Watching the guys, everybody's got talent. I feel like everybody's going to do well this year if they get a chance, if they work hard towards it."

On his feeling when he stepped into Dove Valley

"I actually got here the day after the draft, and I was like, 'Whoa, it's finally happening.' It was exciting."

QB TIM TEBOW (Rd. 1, 25th overall, University of Florida)

On his excitement going into the first practice

"(I was) very antsy to get out here and get practicing. Once I have to leave again and then won't be able to come back until (May) 17th, I'll get antsy again then but I'm just so excited for when I can get out here and be a full-time Denver Bronco."

On the altitude

"You can definitely feel a difference. I had been working really hard so I felt like I was in decent shape but you can definitely feel a difference - even from training in Florida, you can feel a difference - you just can't get as much air."

On the cold weather

"It's not too bad. It's great. It's a good change of pace."

On whether it is more important to learn fundamentals or details specific to Denver's offense

"I think all of the above, to be honest with you. Filling in everything, fundamentals, offense - trying to learn it all."

On learning the Broncos' offense

"It's great, just being able to study it and even though I don't know a lot of it, I've been able to study the other quarterbacks and watch them go through it and watch different quarterbacks that Coach McDaniels has coached - it's a great offense and it really is exciting to now be in it."

On what makes Denver's offense stand out

"It's just so versatile. They do such a great job of picking up protections and it all starts there. The run game is great, great play action and they even spread it out and do a lot of great things out of the spread. It's such a versatile offense, you can't just pinpoint one thing and I think that's what makes an offense great."

OL ZANE BEADLES (Rd. 2, 45th overall, University of Utah)

On the impact of Broncos T Ryan Clady's injury

"All I can do is go out there and learn as much as I can everyday and work my butt off and we'll see what happens. Hopefully he recovers very quickly."

On Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels

"I like him as a coach, I met with him a couple times at the Combine and then here in Denver. He's definitely a good coach and a winner so I'm happy to be here playing for him."

On the number of rookie offensive lineman in camp

"All offensive linemen on a team always get along, no matter where we're at. To be able to come in with these guys and build some camaraderie and build together and learn together (is great). Learning together is a huge thing. If there's one or two guys trying to learn... It's just better bouncing things off multiple guys and that's a definite advantage for us."

On whether he initially learns plays from the guard or tackle point of view

"I try to take it in as a whole. No matter if I'm playing one position or five positions, I think I'm a better player knowing what the guys next to me are doing. I try to learn it as a whole and maybe that's a more difficult way of doing it but I think it's a better way to do it and makes me a better player."

On the opportunity to contribute right away

"I think that's the biggest thing - learning. I think the best way to learn is to go out and make mistakes and I'm going to have plenty of opportunities to do that. I hope I can get out there and learn from those mistakes and not make them over again so I'm looking forward to that."

WR ERIC DECKER (Rd. 3, 87th overall, University of Minnesota)

On what he got out of the first day of minicamp

"It was good - a lot of meetings, going over the philosophy of the team. It was fun to be out there with the guys and finally get to see all the rookies on the field participating and showing what they can do. Me and (Broncos WR) ‘Bay-Bay,' Demaryius (Thomas) are kind of cheerleaders at this point but just seeing how guys run routes, watching how they get in and out of their breaks and just trying to take that in and when we get on the field be able to do that."

On where he is in regards to his foot injury

"It's hard to say right now. I'm doing very well right now, I'm under the supervision of the trainer here so he probably has more information than I do at this point but I feel good and I know I'll be able to go by sometime this summer."

On his rehab

"I'm working on strengthening and range of motion with the foot. My movement - I'm jogging, doing as much as I can at this point."

On if he has a timetable for his return

"Timetable? Not really, I'm under the watch of our trainer so one day at a time for me right now. I'm progressing, I'm doing better - I don't want any setbacks."

On how he's dealt with the injury

"It has been tough, physically and mentally. I suffered it back in November and it's been a long haul since. I think I've learned a lot about adversity and how to handle it and it's been good for me so far. I'm just excited to get back out on the field and play football and just to help this team win."

On the difficulty in learning a new offense

"It's been good - the coaches are taking it slow, we're taking it a couple of plays, a couple of formations at a time. Guys are beginning to understand it and that's the biggest thing - do it in the film room and then come on the field and execute it. We're taking it slow and it's been good so far."

On whether he'd rather play slot or outside wide receiver

"Wherever they want to play me, that's coach's decision. I want to help this team win a championship and whether that's inside, outside or on special teams - I'll do whatever it takes."

TE RIAR GEER (College Free Agent, University of Colorado)

On whether he is excited to play for the team he grew up rooting for

"Definitely. Playing for the team I grew up watching, it's my dream team and it just makes me work even more."

On where he stands with respect to the other TEs on the roster

"I think I have a good shot but my work is definitely cut out for me. I have a lot of work to do with my routes and my pass blocking but I'm looking forward to the challenge."

On what his last week has been like

"It's been pretty crazy, a lot of people have been calling me. I didn't get drafted like I'd wanted to but to have the opportunity to play for the Broncos made it all worth it."