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2010 MHR Community Mock Draft -- #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32 -- Fabulous First Round Finale!

With the #27 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select....

OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers

Dallas Cowboys

Round 1, Pick #27 overall



Details of the pick after the jump...

A nice way to replace a guy like Flo.

From GM HorseStance: With the recent release of Flozel Adams, Doug Free will be getting the nod for LT, but depth is a problem for us both at the Tackle position and the Guard position, in this one move they have backed up LT, maybe acquired a starter at RT and given themselves some leeway at the guard position.

While Davis doesn't quite have the elite speed and technique in pass protection needed for LT he does seem like a perfect fit at RT, starter Marc Colombo's contract is up in 2012 but Davis could in all likely hood beat him out by the start of the season there. Davis is a monster in run blocking, he can consistently get good push on DTs and drive them back, this will open up nice lanes on the outside for Jones and Choice to fly through.
If he is not quite ready to start at RT buy the beginning of the season he may be able to fit in at LG because he is quite happy in tight spaces where he can show off his power and push. This would give the 'boys some insurance because starter Kyle Kosier is 31 and in the last year of his contract, also RG Leonard Davis is 32 and not getting any younger.

He does have a couple of character/conditioning issues that has caused some teams to pass on him, but as an organisation we like to give second chances, and Davis gives us both the size and power that we are looking for in the offensive line. Bottom line, Davis is a big upgrade to the depth on our the line and will help to make an already dangerous running attack into one of the leagues most feared.

Commishes' CommentsErnesto: It's clear that Dallas is going into the draft needing young offensive linemen to shore up the unit in the short term and take over for the "old guard" in the long run. There are concerns about his work ethic, but his talent is undeniable. He's a man-mountain and athletic enough to work on an island against quality pass rushers. This is a good pick for the Cowboys and they're lucky to take him this late in the first round.   Sayre:  Great pick, makes a ton of sense. Davis is a gigantic tackle who fits the exact description of what the Cowboys look for in a lineman. The release of Flozell Adams means this team is in the market for a tackle, and I seriously they are going to let Doug Free protect Tony Romo's blind side. Davis is a tremendous investment.





With the #28 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the San Diego Chargers select...




NT Terrance Cody, Alabama

San Diego Chargers

Round 1, Pick #28 overall

GM elvisalex



He showed up at the combine in better shape than many expected.

From GM Elvisalex: The Chargers have a few pressing needs going inot this year's draft, not the least of which is to replace Jamal Williams at nose guard. With no prospect on the roster that's capable of taking over for him, Williams' injury forced the Chargers to use a rotation last year , which dropped their run defense from 11th in '08 to 20th in '09. They also gave up 169 rushing yards in their playoff loss to the Jets. The lesson learned may have been that scoring quick points as a substitution for a run defense fails when facing playoff caliber defenses. Either way, bringing in a replacement at NT is an absolute necessity in this draft. Even with that, however, the 28th pick really just comes down to which targets might fare better at lasting to #40 and which ones won't. I can't see Cody making it past the Cheifs, so regardless of any perceived reach, I take him here and now. Mount Cody is the best true nose tackle in this draft and at #28, he represents great value to the Chargers. Granted, he's only a two down run-stuffer, but so was Williams. This single draft pick upgrades the entire Chargers defense. Cody should immediately crack the rotation and likely start the season. His weight will need monitored but should be manageable.

Commish's CommentsErnesto:  It's starting to look like San Diego may be on the verge of having to rebuild some and, when you run a 3-4, nose tackle is a good place to start. Cody has become a rather controversial prospect due to his weight , but he's experienced at the position and has great potential if he can stay motivated. This may be early for him and it's a serious gamble, but someone else would take a chance on him before they're on the clock again.  Sayre:  Not a good idea to pay Terrence Cody first round money. You saw similar prospects like Gabe Watson, Alan Branch, and Claude Wroten, all of whom were supposed to be elite nose tackle prospects coming out of college, fall to the second, third, or even fourth rounds because of their work ethic or other similar question marks. Cody is not a guy I would touch until the third round, but based on his collegiate production to this point, he is a fine selection for a team looking for a starting nose tackle. I liked their selection last year of Vaughn Martin, so he and Cody may be a nice rotation.





With the #29 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft the New York Jets select...



WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame


New York Jets

Round 1, Pick #29 overall

GM Digger24



Very high for a WR with his skills.

From GM Digger24:  We are very pleased to be able to draft Golden at this position in the draft. He will add quickness and speed to match up with Braylon Edwards on the other side. He is a mature young man who will be a benefit to our team and what we are trying to accomplish this offseason.

For those of you who (and those who didn't) know that a trade was in place for me to move up to #24 and then to have it fall through.
Moving up in the draft was intended to get Iupati or Graham. When they both were off the board, but Spiller was still there, I was in a mad dash to trade back and gain a pick in order to draft a DE, OLB and one of the next WRs on the board. I had a deal in place with the Lions for #38 and #66 for the #24 and #155. This would have given me #s38,66 and 70. Then j-man wanted the pick back so I obliged. I then thought possibly I would make an offer sheet to Brandon Marshall, which would send my #29 to the Broncos if they failed to match. This is not an option though. I'm happy with this. Hope I don't get booed to loudly. :)

Commish's CommentsErnesto: I was not expecting this selection, but I should have been. If Braylon Edwards is the answer, you've asked the wrong question. Tate might not be physically imposing or blazing fast, but he gets the job done and is plenty dynamic doing it. This would be a sage choice by the Jets, no doubt. Mark Sanchez will appreciate having a consistent target with game-breaking potential (i.e. a true #1 WR).  Sayre:   I'll keep this one short and sweet--Offensive Rookie of the Year. Great pick by the Jets.





With the #30 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft we have a Trade!

 The Minnesota Vikings have traded the #30 overall pick to the Buffalo Bills for he #41. #107, #178.

The Buffalo Bills select....


OT Roger Saffold, Indiana


Buffalo Bills

Round 1, Pick #30 overall

GM kentuckybronco



Nice move, for a key piece.

From GM kentuckybronco:  With Rodger Saffold, we are getting a guy that can come in and protect our new franchise QB, Sam Bradford. He's got a good punch and excellent footwork. This guy is a good run blocker and pass blocker. He's a vocal leader and all of his college starts have been at LT. He has the size, athletic ability, and college experience to stay at the LT position in the NFL. I really see Saffold as being a link that the Bills have needed in their offensive line for a long time. As an organization, we feel confident that Saffold is a great pick and will give Bradford a much better opportunity to succeed in this offense.

Regarding the trade, it came down to the speed at which OTs were being taken. I have already picked the Bills new franchise QB, but I need to keep him upright, next year. OT is a huge need for the Bills and, so far, there have already been 6 OTs taken from picks 1 through 29 (the 7th OT is this pick at 30). The Colts have been projected to take an offensive lineman, as well, so I needed to get ahead of them and take an OT before the pickings became slim. Some may say that moving up and getting him in the late first is a reach, but if you look at the way OTs have been coming off the board, he wouldn't have lasted until the second round, especially with the Colts sitting at 31 and the Chiefs (36) and Redskins (37). None of them have taken an OT, yet, and all of them have needs there. The best opportunity for the Bills to grab an OT was to go after Saffold or Veldheer and, with the way this draft was shaping up, moving up was likely mandatory if I wanted either one of them.

Commish's CommentsErnesto:  I can definitely understand why the Bills would feel the need to trade up to #30 to secure a quality OT, but i feel that if you're reacting to run, you're probably making a mistake. Saffold is flying a bit under the radar thanks to the impressive depth at offensive tackle, but he's not a first round prospect by any stretch of the imagination. There's something to be said about getting "your guy", but this is just too much of a reach for me...Sayre:   Interesting that the Vikings would trade down, and that the Bills would want to trade up for a guy who would have been there with their 2nd or maybe even 3rd round pick. Not sure I like the trade down for either team, as the Vikes will now very likely miss out on Devin McCourty after already missing out on Maurkice Pouncey. I will be interested to see how the Vikes' situation works out, but I do not like this pick for the Bills. They NEED multiple picks, should be targeting Tim Tebow, who is a perfect fit for their offense, and could have taken advantage of this deep class of tackles simply by waiting. Bad trade for both teams as it currently stands, but we'll see what happens.






With the #31 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft the Indianapolis Colts select...



DT Brian Price, UCLA


Indianapolis Colts

Round 1, Pick #31 overall

GM TheAngelsColts



Not exactly known for his technique...

From GM TheAngelsColts:  Well the players I really wanted were taken right before me. Mainly I saw a great opportunity to grab davis
who was taken right before me so there was no chance of getting an OT. By taking Price who fits our scheme
we have that person to insert into at least the role of Brock who departed in the Offseason.

Commish's CommentsErnesto:  Due to a prolonged run on offensive tackles earlier in the round, Indianapolis did not acquire the top offensive tackle that they most need, but they get an impressive consolation prize in Price. This disruptive DT will be very effective in the Colts defensive scheme. This pick illustrates the value of taking a better player at a position of less need than reaching to address a perceived void in the roster.

Sayre:  Indy gets a high motor defender who is a perfect fit for Larry Coyer's aggressive attack defensively. They are slowly growing into a top notch defensive team to pair with their world class offense. They could still use some offensive linemen, but this is a deep draft at offensive tackle, and the Colts always get the best value with their picks.






With the #32 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft the New Orleans Saints select...



DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU


New Orleans Saints

Round 1, Pick #32 overall

GM Orange and Blue



Lofty ranking for a Little Guy.

From GM Orange and Blue:  Yes, we partied like rock stars. Yes, there is an alcohol drought in NOLA right now, but we can expect to get everyone's best shot next year and we do have some holes to fill on our defense. Charles Grant, with all of his troubles and sacks, is gone. We need to create a pass rush and not keep expecting our secondary to make game-turning plays on their own. In Jerry Hughes, we find 6'-2" 255 lbs of pass-rushing nirvana. He was who we had at the top of our board so we feel very lucky to get him. A two-time consensus All-American from TCU, he helped bring TCU into the national spotlight with 26.5 sacks over those 2 years. A great leader and 100% effort player is exactly the type we are looking to plug into the defense. Despite being team captain, he volunteeered to play special teams. Now that's our kind of player. We expect to be able to use him immediately on passing downs and work him into an every down player soon enough. Many mocks have Jerry here so it's not a great "outside-the-box" choice, but so it goes. 

Commish's CommentsErnesto: Hughes would be a small 4-3 DE, but he's a heck of a pass rusher. Jerry does play bigger than he measures, so I guess that might not be that significant of a concern. He's pigeon-holed into the 3-4 OLB camp because he actually has some experience at LB. I'm not sure that I love the pick for New Orleans, but I guess you can afford to take some chances when you're the World Champs...  Sayre:   Decent pick by the Saints. Jerry Hughes seems like he would be much better fit, as the position description states, an outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense, but the Saints need a pass rush like they need an after party cure, so this pick makes a little sense for them. Still, I think they might target someone who might better fit their scheme as a defensive end, possibly a guy like Carlos Dunlap here.







Round two is underway and picks (and trades!) are already rolling in!


San Diego Chargers

Round 2, Pick #33 Overall

GM elvisalex


Round One


  1. St,Louis Rams:  QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
  2. Detroit Lions:  OT Russell Okung. Oklahoma State
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
  4. Washington Redskins:  OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
  5. Kansas City Chiefs:  FS Eric Berry, Tennessee
  6. Seattle Seahawks:  FS Earl Thomas, Texas
  7. Cleveland Browns:  NT Dan Williams, Tennessee
  8. Oakland Raiders:  OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland
  9. Buffalo Bills:  QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars:  DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
  11. Denver Broncos:  ILB Rolando McClain
  12. Miami Dolphins:  LB Sergio Kindle, Texas
  13. San Francisco 49ers:  OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
  15. New York Giants:  LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
  16. Tennessee Titans:  DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
  17. SanFrancisco 49ers:  CB Joe Haden, Florida
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers:  DE/OLB Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
  19. Atlanta Falcons:  SS Taylor Mays, USC
  20. Houston Texans:  CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State
  21. Cincinnatti Bengals:  G Mike Iupati, Idaho
  22. New England Patriots:  DE/OLB Brandon Graham, Michigan
  23. Green Bay Packers:  OT Charles Brown, USC
  24. Philadelphia Eagles:  C Maurkice Pouncey
  25. Detroit Lions:  RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
  26. Arizona Cardinals:  DE Jared Odrick, Penn State
  27. Dallas Cowboys:  OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers
  28. San Diego Chargers:  NT Terrance Cody, Alabama
  29. New York Jets:  WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame
  30. Buffalo Bills:  OT Roger Saffold, Indiana
  31. Indianapolis Colts:  DT Brian Price, UCLA
  32. New Orleans Saints:  DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU

Round 2

33.  San Diego Chargers:   RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State
34.  Cleveland Browns 
35.  Seattle Seahawks
36.   Kansas City Chiefs: 
37.   Philadelphia Eagles: 
38.   Baltimore Ravens:
39.   Oakland Raiders 
40.   St.Louis Rams:
41.   Minnesota Vikings  
42.   Seattle Seahawks:  
43.   Miami Dolphins 
44.   New England Patriots  
45.   Denver Broncos 
46.   New York Giants 
47.   New England Patriots  
48.   Carolina Panthers 
49.   San Francisco 49ers 
50.   Kansas City Chiefs  
51.   Houston Texans 
52.   Pittsburgh Steelers 
53.   New England Patriots 
54.   Cincinnati Bengals 
55.   Philadelphia Eagles 
56.   Green Bay Packers 
57.   Baltimore Ravens 
58.   Arizona Cardinals 
59.   Dallas Cowboys 
60.   Seattle Seahawks  
61.   New York Jets 
62.   Minnesota Vikings 
63.   Indianapolis Colts 
64.   New Orleans Saints