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2010 MHR Community Mock Draft -- #33, #34, #35, #36 -- Round Two Trade Time

With the #33 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft we have a trade!

The Rams have traded the #33 to the Chargers for the #40 and #159 overall.

The San Diego Chargers select....

RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State

San Diego Chargers

Round 2, Pick #33 overall



Details of the pick after the jump...

Can't say I like this move at all...frackin sparklers...

From GM elvisalex:The San Diego Chargers walked into this draft with two glaring needs; a dominant run-stuffing nose guard and finding the recently lost ability to run the football. With Cody locked up late in the first round, taking Mathews here solidifies the running back core after the decline and subsequent departuare of Ladanian Tomlinson. Mathews is an inside pounder with great size and surprising speed. He'll need to work on his blocking and receiving at the next level, but he's very capable of being an every down back in the NFL. Fortunately in San Diego, he'll be able to develop in those areas while he's simply asked to pound the ball north and south. He'll be the thunder to Darren Sproles' lightening.

San Diego had the option of trading into the mid-20's to take CJ Spiller when he was still available. That move was never seriously considered, though, as we view Ryan Mathews to be the best all around back in this draft class. With Darren Sproles' home-run ability, elusivenss on the outside, and solid production as a kick returner, San Diego needs more of an inside grinder than a speedster. Ryan Mathews fits that mold perfectly and San Diego couldn't take the chance on letting him linger past seven more teams. After ranking 31st in rushing last year, this addition was simply too important to let pass.

Commishes' CommentsErnesto: San Diego has been active in the trade market as far as draft picks are concerned and it seems to have panned out at this point. While their earlier reach for Terrence Cody was a definite gamble, Matthews gives them a safer pick and surplus value to balance that out. Ryan's a complete back, arguably the most balanced one in the entire draft, and has been steadily rising up the boards as people have been giving him a closer look. Excellent pick for the Chargers here, which means I hate it!  Sayre:  This is a player I thought would be off the board with their first round pick, but they decided to go after Terrence Cody instead. This could certainly be the most accurate set of picks thus far in the mock draft. San Diego helps out St. Louis by giving them an extra pick or two, and San Diego gets who I believe to be the most complete back in this year's draft in terms of speed, power, and having an impact in the receiving game. Great value, and a great way to start the second round.




With the #34 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, we Have a Trade!

  Cleveland has traded up with the Detroit Lions, #34 for the #38 and #134.  


At #34, the Cleveland Browns select...

QB Tim Tebow, Florida

Cleveland Browns

Round 2, Pick #34 overall

GM oc60



Hey, I just google the player and link what I find...

From GM oc60: We’re thrilled that he was available and the reason for moving up to select one of the most exciting players in college over the last three years. Tim Tebow’s intangibles, are off the charts, and is considered one of the best leaders in the history of college football. His fierce competitive streak and toughness makes him unusual for a QB. He’s a born leader with charisma to spare. You know his work ethic is above reproach and he has proved he knows how to win against top-shelf competition.He can throw on the run, and moves with that sixth sense in & out of the pocket [aka John Elway]. The numbers he gathered over a three year period are impressive as are his win total and Heisman Trophy. He can move well enough to buy time in the pocket. He will learn from two experienced QB’s Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace who were recently signed and will go a long way to give Tebow the time he needs to learn and adjust to the NFL. Don’t be surprised to see Tebow earning playing time during his rookie season. Know this he is and will be the Browns quarterback of the future.

After finishing 32nd in offense last season it was time for a major change in Cleveland. We needed another play-maker[s]. A change was in order that would give the fans hope for winning again and something to root for next season. The new direction starts with building the offense with play-maker[s] to spark the enthusiasm on the team and for the fan base. We currently have one of the elite Return games in the NFL with Josh Cribbs, and to add Tim Tebow gives the Browns another weapon to play better offense and some opportunities to add new wrinkles to the offense making the Browns more competitive. Trading up to #34 was the key to our draft and were ecstatic we pulled it off for our fans.  

Commish's CommentsErnesto:  I know Tebow is overexposed at the moment, but people should really learn to blame the media for that and not the guy. I like Tim as a person and as a player, so I wish him the best in the NFL. Cleveland is a downtrodden franchise, but things should change with Mike Holmgren now at the helm. With Delhomme as a stopgap, Tebow and the franchise as a whole should have the time to develop properly. He has enormous potential and I wouldn't bet against him succeeding at the next level in much the same way as he's excelled at every other level thus far.   Sayre:  Big time marketing move for the Browns, who really don't have a "face" to their franchise right now. Tim Tebow may not find a ton of success in Cleveland with the extreme lack of talent around him, but this is a good pick by a team who undoubtedly needs a quarterback of the future.




With the #35 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, we Have a Trade!

 Seattle acquired the #35 as part of their earlier trade that moved Tampa Bay up to #14.

 The Seattle Seahawks select....

OT Vladimir Ducasse, Massachusetts


Seattle Seahawks

Round 2, Pick #35 overall

GM maxwellsdemon



Had a heck of a Combine, too...

From GM maxwellsdemon:  One of the biggest problems the Seahawks have faced in the past few season was not being able to protect Matt Hasselbeck and being able to support the run. Whether or not you believe Hasselbeck is the future of the franchise, any quarterback plays better when they are not constantly being hit or hurt. By drafting Ducasse the Seahawks fill a big hole in their offensive line.

A co-captain in college, he is also a huge student of the game who spends plenty of time in the film room. He has excellent size, and is strong enough to be an anchor when pass blocking, but is quick enough to move up and pick up the linebacker in the next level. He is also very tough; playing hurt isn’t a problem for him. Ducasse possess the talent and athleticism this team needs to protect its offense, and since most of Ducasse’s flaws are coachable, he looks like he could be the force needed to help our offense start producing.

As for my trade reasoning, I saw great depth in this draft in areas of need for the Seahawks. With the option to have two high 2nd round picks I can fill those need. With the two picks from Tampa Bay, I now have three 2nd round picks, which will allow me to pick the number of players I want as well as still get talented players.

Commish's CommentsErnesto:  Ducasse is a project, but his potential may make him worth the effort. While he may be miscast as a tackle at this point, he could benefit greatly from a move inside to guard as he develops. This is an interesting draft so far by Seattle, as they have not been afraid of taking chances and reaching for the guys that they want. I'm not sure about this approach, but they're showing courage in their convictions!   Sayre:   Not a bad pick, but they definitely settled with Ducasse by taking Earl Thomas at 6 overall. Ducasse is an extremely raw talent who has loads of potential, and many including myself feel he is best fit for the interior line. It was interesting to see this pick have him mocked as a tackle, which he certainly could be for the Seahawks.




With the #36 pick in the 2010 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select...




DE/OLB Everson Griffen, USC

Kansas City Chiefs

Round 2, Pick #36 overall

GM DBroncs1414



One of the fastest risers this offseason.

From GM DBroncs1414: Here's what I believe to be a dark horse need for the Chiefs, a pass rush. Vrabel was a solid trade pick up, but he only gave them 2 sacks. Hali's progression hasn't been what many thought it would be, and he seems to do better as the #2 rusher when the focus is not on him, like when he had Jared Allen with him. Hali had 8.5 sacks this year, but I distinctly remember 3 of them coming against the Broncos in garbage time. Everson Griffen has shown he is a physical freak with a 4.65 40 at over 270, and he also repped 225 lbs. 32 times. However, these numbers have been shadowed by JPP's 13 backflips. There could be an argument made that Everson is even more of a physical freak than JPP, because at an even bigger size he ran faster and benched more.
Everson's unique physique/strength/speed will be used at the 3-4 OLB position. He is a good pass rusher and comes from a good defensive coach in Pete Carroll from USC. With Vrabel and Hali ahead of him, there is no pressure for him to start immediatley. If he is not ready to handle the transition from 4-3 DE to 3-4 OLB (which we see a lot in the NFL ie: Robert Ayers, Anthony Spencer, etc.) he can sit and learn from Vrabel, a seasoned vet of the 3-4 OLB, and in the mean time, he can be brought in as a situational rusher. Instantly, the Chiefs are made better by essentially stealing one of the better pass rushers in this draft in the 2nd round, and the increased pass rush will help this young secondary greatly.

Commish's CommentsErnesto:  Griffen is a great value in second round and that's exactly what a rebuilding franchise like the Chiefs need to do as often as possible in order to replenish their ranks with talent. Not many people had considered Everson a fit at OLB in the 3-4, but he's proved athletic enough for the position. He's quite the physical specimen and he could reach another level by being unleashed as a pure pass rusher in the 3-4.  Sayre: An interesting pick by the Chiefs. With two second round picks, they have a lot of opportunity to upgrade their roster through this draft. Griffen is an athletic freak, and a solid pass rush specialist. The Chiefs have ignored offensive tackle to this point, but pass rushing outside linebacker has got to be one of their highest priorities as well, because they were unable to generate much pressure on quarterbacks at all last season.






The Eagles are up, as the gift that keeps on giving...well...keeps on giving.


Kansas City Chiefs

Round 2, Pick #37 Overall

GM j-man


Round One


  1. St,Louis Rams:  QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
  2. Detroit Lions:  OT Russell Okung. Oklahoma State
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
  4. Washington Redskins:  OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
  5. Kansas City Chiefs:  FS Eric Berry, Tennessee
  6. Seattle Seahawks:  FS Earl Thomas, Texas
  7. Cleveland Browns:  NT Dan Williams, Tennessee
  8. Oakland Raiders:  OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland
  9. Buffalo Bills:  QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars:  DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
  11. Denver Broncos:  ILB Rolando McClain
  12. Miami Dolphins:  LB Sergio Kindle, Texas
  13. San Francisco 49ers:  OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
  15. New York Giants:  LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
  16. Tennessee Titans:  DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida
  17. SanFrancisco 49ers:  CB Joe Haden, Florida
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers:  DE/OLB Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech
  19. Atlanta Falcons:  SS Taylor Mays, USC
  20. Houston Texans:  CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State
  21. Cincinnatti Bengals:  G Mike Iupati, Idaho
  22. New England Patriots:  DE/OLB Brandon Graham, Michigan
  23. Green Bay Packers:  OT Charles Brown, USC
  24. Philadelphia Eagles:  C Maurkice Pouncey
  25. Detroit Lions:  RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson
  26. Arizona Cardinals:  DE Jared Odrick, Penn State
  27. Dallas Cowboys:  OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers
  28. San Diego Chargers:  NT Terrance Cody, Alabama
  29. New York Jets:  WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame
  30. Buffalo Bills:  OT Roger Saffold, Indiana
  31. Indianapolis Colts:  DT Brian Price, UCLA
  32. New Orleans Saints:  DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU

Round 2


  1. 33.  San Diego Chargers:   RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State
  2. 34.  Cleveland Browns:  QB Tim Tebow, Florida 
  3. 35.  Seattle Seahawks :  OT Vladimir Ducasse, Massachusetts
  4. 36.   Kansas City Chiefs:  DE/OLB Everson Griffen, USC
  5. 37.   Philadelphia Eagles:
  6. 38.   Baltimore Ravens:
  7. 39.   Oakland Raiders
  8. 40.   St.Louis Rams:
  9. 41.   Minnesota Vikings
  10. 42.   Seattle Seahawks:
  11. 43.   Miami Dolphins
  12. 44.   New England Patriots
  13. 45.   Denver Broncos
  14. 46.   New York Giants
  15. 47.   New England Patriots
  16. 48.   Carolina Panthers
  17. 49.   San Francisco 49ers
  18. 50.   Kansas City Chiefs
  19. 51.   Houston Texans
  20. 52.   Pittsburgh Steelers
  21. 53.   New England Patriots
  22. 54.   Cincinnati Bengals
  23. 55.   Philadelphia Eagles
  24. 56.   Green Bay Packers
  25. 57.   Baltimore Ravens
  26. 58.   Arizona Cardinals
  27. 59.   Dallas Cowboys
  28. 60.   Seattle Seahawks
  29. 61.   New York Jets
  30. 62.   Minnesota Vikings
  31. 63.   Indianapolis Colts
  32. 64.   New Orleans Saints