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Announcing the 2010 Draftivus 7-Round Broncos' Mock Draft Contest

Grand Prize -- Broncos signatures and the color Orange...  What more could you want?
Grand Prize -- Broncos signatures and the color Orange... What more could you want?

Lynch Note: Jeremy is still on the road, somewhere between Idaho and Alaska(Yikes!), but he wanted me to update the Draftivus Entry form.  Two days to go folks.  Get your Mocks in for some cool  S.T.Y.G.S.T.U.F.F.!!!

While Draftivus can certainly be thought of as a time of giving, where it really shines is as a time of GETTING.  We hope to GET our favorite player in the draft, or we hope to GET enough needs filled.  Above all, we hope to GET football players that will make the Denver Broncos a team to be feared in 2010 and beyond.

But for the readers, contributors and members of MHR, here is an opportunity to GET something else.

Introducing the 7-Round Broncos Mock Contest, a chance to test your knowledge of the draft, and of the Broncos, as well as a chance to just plain get lucky. And you'll GET some cool prizes in the process.

You are all familiar with the format of a 7 round Broncos Mock by now, and many of you have already tried your hand at it.  The basic idea is that you make your best guess as to who you think Denver is going to pick with each of their picks in the seven rounds.  You can find an updated list of the Broncos current picks right here.

The 7-round mocks will be scored on a point system based on how it compares to the Real Thing, so don't think that you have to be perfect to do well.  Here is how the scoring breaks down:

10 pts for taking the correct player at the correct pick.
5 pts for choosing a correct player but at a different pick.
3 pts for choosing the correct position (QB, RB, DT etc.) with a particular pick, regardless of individual player selected.
2 pts for each position you correctly guess that Denver will take, regardless of where they are taken.

10 pts for correctly guessing how many draft day trades (for picks) the Broncos make on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

Head below the fold for the Contest entry form, and some additional rules and regulations...

 Rule #1:  You can submit a maximum of 3 mock drafts.  The entries are categorized in a spreadsheet, and before I score them, I will go through and delete all but the first three mocks you have submitted, so don't bother submitting more than 3.  this should give you plenty of opportunity to create some early mocks, and I would suggest you save one entry for very close to the draft, in case you get some last minute inspiration.

Rule #2:  When entering your picks in the form below, just enter the player's name followed by their position.  Nothing else.  Oh, and if you don't fill in your Username in the first blank, the entry won't allow you to submit until you do.

Rule #3:  Tell everyone you know about the contest!  And of course, have fun!

So you are probably wondering what kind of S.T.Y.G.S.T.U.F.F. (Stuff That You Get Sent To U For Free (cred to kb)) you might have coming to you if you are a Draftivus winner?  Well, first of all, there will be a Grand Prize winner, and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.  There will be $10, $25, and $50 NFL Instant Gift Certificates, for the NFLShop for the 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place winners respectively.

But if you have the best Broncos mock out there, and I mean the best, then you have some serious  S.T.Y.G.S.T.U.F.F. coming your way.  First off, there will be an $80 Instant Gift Certificate for the NFLShop waiting in your email for you.  Secondly, you can be expecting a set of MHR themed coasters for your beverage of choice.  Lastly, but definitely not leastly, MHR's secret benefactor, a generous soul who graces us with his presence here at MHR on a daily basis has donated a signed, and incredibly Orange Broncos hat (see pic above).  The sigs represent a group of core young players and a key addition from 2009 free agency and the draft, including McBath, Phonz, Quinn, Gaffney and Baker, and would make a great addition to any Bronco fan's collection.  I don't know if the benefactor wanted his contribution to be common knowledge, so I am witholding his name, but I don't doubt that you guys will find a way to let him know the donation is appreciated!  Draftivus is truly the season to be merry!!

 So fill out your Broncos mock below, hit submit, and rejoice!

It's another Draftivus miracle! 

2010 Mock Draft Draftivus Contest is now closed. Good Luck to all who have entered!!