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Broncos Interested in Australian Rugby Star?

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The Broncos are looking for help in many different places, including down under.

23 year old Greg Inglis, a rugby star for the Melbourne Storm has reportedly received tryout offers from the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos.  Reportedly, the 6'5" 238 pounder would receive tryouts at kick returner and linebacker, one of the more interesting combinations I have ever seen.

Inglis is the latest "Golden Boot" award recipient, which is given to the top rugby player in the world.  According to some close to Inglis, he is reportedly only interested in the NFL down the road, and would likely just come over for a three day mini camp to test everything out. 

"I know for a fact, if Greg was keen, there would be four clubs who would take him tomorrow," said Cameron McGillivray, who works for an Australian Academy that helps prepare players -- mostly kickers and punters -- to prepare for American football.

"They've got some scouts out here and a few of the scouts thought Greg would be a sensation in the game," Melbourne Storm manager Allan Gainey said.