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Freak Accident May Cost Guard Matt McChesney Football Career

Mike Klis of the Denver Post is reporting that Broncos guard Matt McChesney suffered an ankle injury when he was struck by a golf cart, an injury he speculates could end the career of the lineman.

McChesney was getting out of his own cart to hit his ball when reportedly a trailing cart accidentally hit him on the same ankle in which he had sugery last offseason.  Klis indicated that the Broncos have reached out to McChesney and offered him the chance to rehab his ankle and come to training camp, a strong sign that the team would like to have him for some depth and competition going into the regular season.

The fifth year lineman dubbed his career "a long road," and rightfully so.  He has spent time in New York as a defensive tackle and special teams player before he switched to guard and moved South to Miami.  He signed with the Broncos before the 2009 season.

Other injuries have prevented McChesney from having any semblance of a normal NFL career, and this golf cart incident may be the last straw.

McChesney is a former University of Colorado player who has the versatility to play both sides of the line, but who has only played guard and center in his time with the Broncos.