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Dumervil's Attendance at OTA's Should Translate to Big Money

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**Note:  This was written prior to Josh McDaniels' comments on Dumervil**

Denver Broncos resume offseason workouts in Dove Valley on Monday where veterans and rookies will take the field for the first time simultaneously this offseason.  A bounty of excitement and change has gone on in Denver over the course of the last two months, but one thing has remained a constant--Star outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil has remained a class act.

Dumervil is coming off of a season in which he had a league leading 17 sacks, and one in which he was playing for a fat contract extension.  Dumervil has patiently waited, but if he shows up for offseason activities, volunteer or not, he is already showing more integrity than most if not any other player of his stature would given his financial situation.

The Pro Bowl linebacker was tendered by the Broncos at the highest level--a first and third round compensation value--essentially taking him off of the open market this offseason.  It is obvious the Broncos have every intention of keeping him and making him happy, it's simply a matter of when.

With players like Patrick Willis, DeMeco Ryans, and DeMarcus Ware receiving contract extensions already, the bar has been set for the Broncos to make Dumervil a fair, market value offer.  So why have the Broncos not offered Dumervil an extension, and will one come soon?


The situation of Dumervil has nothing to do with his talent, but it could be speculated that his lack of a new contract is because he is somewhat one-dimensional.  Even if that were the case, Dumervil's pass rushing abilities and ability to create turnovers via forced fumbles are extremely rare for a player of his size.  In fact, it could be argued that Dumervil's low center of gravity and size in general have been one of his biggest advantages.

It is interesting to me that there has not yet even been any talk of the Broncos and Dumervil discussing a new deal.  One would have to think that after the new brass jettisoned problem children like Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, and Tony Scheffler that a good apple like Dumervil would surely be rewarded.  So what does any of this have to do with Dumervil simply showing up to OTA's?

Former Bronco Casey Wiegmann opened my eyes to something last year that I feel any player on a team whose front office values integrity and character highly should follow without a doubt.  Wiegmann was coming off of a Pro Bowl season, and was being paid worse than a lot of backups in the league.  He was pretty open that he either wanted a contract extension or he would retire.

Despite the fact that he wanted an extension on his contract, Wiegmann lived up to his end of the deal and showed up to all of the Broncos' offseason workouts.  Not coincidentally, Wiegmann was offered a contract extension and a raise.  Obviously, he didn't quite work out for the Broncos this past year, but you get the picture.

Dumervil's camp has indicated that he will indeed report to OTA's, but nothing not mandatory, which is understandable.  The Broncos have been takin their time in the situation, and the time is now.  Dumervil must be rewarded for his patience in this situation.  He has not caused a public problem for the Broncos, and it's time for the team to pay up.

Dumervil deserves it.