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Potent Quotables - Denver Broncos Mini-Camp Day 1

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***Quotes Provided by the fine folks with the Denver Broncos P.R. Staff***


On having Broncos OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil on the field

"It was great to see Elvis and exciting to have everybody here and learning what we changed and what we're going to do differently. Right now we're just happy to be here and look forward to continuing to teach."

On Dumervil's contract situation

"We are working with (his agent) right now and nothing imminent but we're working together on things to try to make sure that he is a Bronco for a long time and he deserves it."

On the play of the quarterbacks

"There a lot of balls thrown down the field. We want to make an emphasis on that early in the spring and those are always the most difficult to hit when you haven't really worked on them in terms of timing and all that. In terms of knowing the offensive terms in the huddle, knowing what to do - we didn't have to get in the huddle again and break the huddle too many times which is good. I think they all showed themselves pretty well today. I think in terms of that, just the.0 little things we have to focus on cleaning up. I think it's a real competitive situation. They're all eager and also unselfish. They know that everybody is going to take reps and that's what we try to do at every position. They have a lot to learn still and I'm not disappointed in any of them today."

On whether he would keep four quarterbacks on the roster

"I've had four before at one point. During passing camp and early parts of training camp when you have 80 guys or in this case, 86 or 87 guys, you can get enough work and you have a lot of reps. I think we had 35 or 36 in seven-on-sevens so they all got in the neighborhood of nine or 10 plays apiece. There are not too many things that they're not getting an opportunity to rep out there so that's the most important thing - that they're getting an opportunity to do that. Ideally would you like to have a good opportunity to give everybody more reps? Sure, but we're going to let that situation play out and the competition will sort itself out and we'll end up with the right number."

On Broncos ILB D.J. Williams

"Yeah, I've talked to D.J.. D.J. is involved and hopefully he'll be here soon."

On whether he's focused more on observing the quarterbacks than other position groups

"No, I think we've done some different things - we're changing some stuff with our offense. I think we're evaluating everybody fresh because we are running some things for the first time that they haven't run before and as a head coach, you're evaluating a lot of people too - not just the quarterbacks position, although obviously you see them and try to keep an eye on that all the time. No, I don't think so. I think I'm really eager to see what Kyle (Orton) is doing with some things where we changed and obviously Brady (Quinn) and Tim (Tebow) are both young and are in their first opportunity to run some of the stuff that we have here."

On the benefits to players entering their second year in his system

"I think every player that's been here now, going into their second year in the system - whether it be on offense or defense - is more comfortable being themselves, getting in the huddle and calling the play - knowing what to do and being able to communicate with your teammates. You can see that stuff is at a different level, we're at a different pace than we were last year at this time. It's good to see that. There is a lot of communicating back and forth too. The wide receivers, the tight ends, the linemen are willing to go ahead and share what they need to share. It's different, you can tell a difference."

On the competition between the quarterbacks

"It's a competitive situation. Every position on our team is competitive right now. I'll go as far as to say that we have a situation right now on our team where there is a lot of competition going on at a lot of spots. We're really eager to see how that plays out but we think it's going to make our football team better in a lot of areas. Is it different than last year? Probably, in certain situations, we're deeper in most positions."

On the order that the quarterbacks were taking reps

"We switched up because of the plays; we didn't want the same players to run the same things in different seven-on-seven periods. I think we put (Brady) Quinn in there to start the second seven-on-sevens and because the plays were run, we didn't want Kyle to duplicate the things he'd done the first period. We told everyone, ‘Everyone is going to get reps and everybody is going to get rolling in there.' And the order, I don't think matters. It doesn't matter to me and right now I don't think it should matter to anyone."

On the media attention affecting Broncos QB Tim Tebow

"I don't think that Tim is really doing much of that. I think that comes with him being a big-time football player out of college and he comes with a lot of attention but I think he's just like every other rookie. He stood up and introduced himself today and told everybody that he was a rookie just like everybody else. He'll earn their respect with what he does and he's a teammate just like everybody else. I don't think that's really going to define who he is and how he interacts with the team in terms of the attention he gets off the field."

On Broncos DL Jamal Williams

"He's done great. We're excited for Jamal and like we do with most of our veteran players, once we get to training camp more specifically - these passing camps are more learning and teaching for the lineman than they are physical. We'll monitor all of the players that we feel need to be monitored and get them the rest that they need here and take some reps off of them to get them to younger players. We have some depth at that position and we have a lot of guys in there that can play at that spot. It'll be good for them to learn from him."

On some of the changes he's made to the Broncos' offense

"We've made some definitive efforts to try to move the ball downfield a little bit. We're going to put some emphasis on some of those things and in the running game we're going to use a little bit more two-back sets. You saw (Broncos ILB/FB Spencer) Larson and (Broncos TE Marquez) Branson back there taking most of those reps at the fullback spot. We're still going to be spread out and do some of the things that we've done before and we go through an evaluation every spring and come up with some new things. We watch some other teams that have been successful doing other things and we've liked some things and feel like we've got some personnel that can do some of them."

On comparing the work ethic of Broncos QB Tim Tebow to that of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

"I think that there are a lot of players who work hard. I don't know if there are a lot of players who turn their hard work into what Tom Brady has turned his hard work into. I don't think it's fair to put guys into that classification in terms of, ‘Well, it's automatic that it's going to pan out for him the same way.' It doesn't automatically work like that. You saw (Brady) Quinn - he's still out there as a matter of fact - he's still doing things to try to get better and working hard. We have a lot of players who are willing to put in the extra time to try to get better but I think that activity and achievement are two different things. I think you need to understand what you need to work on to get better and not just go out there and work on the same thing every day and then try to make some progress with it. I think that we're very excited about the work ethic that we have on this football team in general. The quarterback position is very excited to work with each other and push each other to get better through competition and if you don't have the work ethic, you'll never be able to use it to get better. To have it and then to make those guys push their teammates - that's a good thing for all of us."

On the injury statuses of Broncos WRs Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas

"I don't want to put any expectations on that - Demaryius may be closer to doing that than Eric is at this point. Both of them are doing everything they can do to get on the field as soon as possible but we're not going to set any date. If they come back at the end for minicamp, we're not going to jump in there and injure them before training camp but if one or both of them can, and we feel good about it, then they'll be out there as soon as possible."

On how the team has handled OLB/DE Elvis Dumervil's contract negotiations.

"We appreciate the way that (Dumervil's agent) and Elvis have approached the whole situation. It says a lot about Elvis in terms of how professional he is and his approach. He's been patient and (his agent) has been nothing but professional with us and we've done the same thing with hem. I know it's been very quiet, he hasn't made a big deal of it and we'd appreciate it if you guys keep it that way (laughing). We're very happy to have him here and we're excited for what hopefully will come here sometime in the near future." 



On the first day of OTAs

"It felt good to get back out there, to get some new stuff in that we're going to use this year and just playing with each other. The offseason is long so it's nice to get back to playing football."

On what the team can get out of Organized Team Activities

"OTAs are what they are but you can actually get a lot out of them. Especially in the passing game, quarterbacks and wide receivers can get a lot of time together. We still have a ways to go but hopefully by the time (training) camp comes around we'll be rolling pretty good."

On what he hopes to improve on the most

"Still just trying to find ways to make big plays in the passing game and really just taking my knowledge of the offense to the next level...and that makes everybody better."

On competition among the quarterbacks

"I'm just competing with myself -that's my whole mindset. I just have to get myself playing my best ball this year and that's what I've focused on for the last two or three months."

On what lessons he learned from last season's finish

"We have to handle adversity better. I think that being around the team for a year - everyone was still new last year and having a chance to be with those guys and understand the types of leaders guys are and what types of personalities you have on the team - it's a lot easier to handle that adversity now."

On Head Coach Josh McDaniels' second season with the team

"You always want to have a head coach who has set his own roster and he's had a couple of years to do that now. I just think the comfort level is better and being able to play with everybody for a year now. Now you can joke around a little bit and have fun on the field together."

On Broncos QB Tim Tebow being subjected to rookie hazing

"Oh, that hasn't started yet but it most certainly will. The higher you get picked, the more hazing there is. Tim goes about it the right way - he offered to grab books for everybody and grab helmets for everybody and all that stuff so he goes about it the right way, he knows the deal."



On the first day of passing camp

"I think it went pretty well. Obviously we can always do better. Guys were working hard, though - they're excited to be out here. I don't think you could ask for a better day. You didn't get this kind of weather the last place I was this time of year. It was good."

On all four quarterbacks getting together

"Today has been the first day we all got together. It was good. I think Coach (McDaniels) has brought in a lot of guys with good character. We're competitive, we like to work hard and that's the best thing for the team. That's what's really going to help push one another."

On the team drafting QB Tim Tebow

"Obviously he had a great college career. He's a great guy, just from knowing him a little bit today. He's a good competitor and I'm sure he's going to help this team."

On his thoughts after the team drafted another quarterback

"I've learned in my career, you really can't look at things like that. I got brought in as a rookie, a first-round guy, and I had a guy (Derek Anderson) that was already there and he ended up going to a Pro Bowl (my) rookie season. You never really know. This life is crazy. God's got a plan for me, and I know he brought me here for a reason."

On QB Kyle Orton's head start in the system

"Obviously he knows the offense pretty well. But this is an offense that I'm familiar with, so I felt pretty comfortable being in there as well."

On quarterbacks hanging out together off the field

"It's funny, I think people get a misconception of how guys are. Obviously we're competing, but in the same sense, it's a business. Outside of here, guys are close. We spend so much time in here together, we hang out off the field as well."

On quarterbacks trying to take the starting job from one another

"That's how it is, it's no different at any other position on the team. The quarterback gets a lot of focus for that reason, but that's just the nature of this business. Everyone wants to play. Everyone wants the guy in front of them's job, that's just the NFL. If you don't have that attitude, you shouldn't be playing."

On if he gives advice to players competing against him

"I'm not some vindictive jerk like that, I try to bring guys along. I believe in things much bigger than just football itself, and like I said, God has a plan for me. I'm here for a reason, and I'm going to do what's best for our team and help whoever it is on our team, whether it's another quarterback, a defensive back I was trying to torch today or whoever else."

On the spotlight on quarterbacks being bigger in Denver because of John Elway

"I don't know, don't discredit Bernie (Kosar), now (laughs). Come on. I don't know, I think quarterback is one of those positions that everybody wants to talk about all the time. Selfishly, rightfully so. We're a bunch of good guys, so why not?"

On if he feels like he's in a circus

"No, I think you guys (the media) make it that way more than anyone else. We have fun, we work hard, we're focused and we're excited about this season."

On his communication with Head Coach Josh McDaniels after the team drafted Tebow

"We talked, and the point is they brought me here for a reason. There's a reason for that, and that's pretty much it."

On the similarities between Denver's offense and Cleveland's offense

"There was definitely some turnover. I think when you look at the NFL in general, the scheme is the scheme. Teams just call it something different. In the end, there are some little different wrinkles here and there, but for the most part it's just called something different. No matter what offense you really come from, at least in the NFL, a lot of stuff is pretty similar."



On the first day of OTAs

"It was exciting, it was a lot of fun to be out there and to go through a practice. It was a lot of fun and exciting for me."

On how he tries to learn the offense, even when he's watching from the sideline

"Well, I'm just trying, every time a play is called, to get a rep in my head. Even if I can't do it with the team, I'm just trying to learn and get better - even on the side, that's just what I'm doing there."

On playing with his teammates for the first time

"It's going to be a lot of fun; it's going to be exciting. We have a great group of guys and I'm so glad to be here."

On playing with veterans such as Broncos CB Champ Bailey and S Brian Dawkins

"Yeah, it's really exciting being out there with those guys - guys that I've been watching for years. They're just pros - they handle themselves really well on and off the field and to be a part of that is special."

On balancing competition with friendship among quarterbacks

"Those guys have been great. There's great friendship. Every time you step out there you have to compete and that's just to get better but those guys do it right so I'm glad to be a part of it."

On evaluating where he stands in learning the offense

"I feel like I'm making progress but I still have a long ways to go. Just keep working every day, getting better. I'm taking mental reps, taking physical reps, staying after again, just to get better."

On the competition between the quarterbacks

"I think there is good competition out here. I think the competition for me is going in there and learning the playbook, just trying to get better and competing with myself to be the best that I can be - not necessarily worrying about what I can't control but about how much better I can get every day."

On his conversations with John Elway

"He was very complimentary, and just wanted to welcome me. He was very supportive and that meant a lot."

On his contract negotiations

"I'm playing football right now and that's for my agent to do. I'm just excited to be a rookie out here playing football."

On how he would evaluate his performance today

"I think I went out there and played hard. I have a long way to go and I'm just going to try to get better every day."

On what he's learning from Quarterbacks Coach Ben McDaniels

"It's everything, my footwork, my fundamentals, reading the defense. It's everything - there's just so much going on that you have to try to pick up everything."

On how much of the playbook he's been able to learn so far

"I was able to study a lot. I worked really hard at it to understand it and get better so when I came out here I wasn't totally new at it. I feel pretty comfortable."

On comparing Denver's offense to the one he ran at Florida

"It's different than Florida but it's a great offense and honestly, it is a pleasure to be in this offense. I think it's a wonderful offense."

On Broncos QBs Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn

"I think they're both high-character guys. They go about their business, they work hard and come in here and compete. They're great guys to learn from and to be around."