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Broncos Host Lineman Cory Procter

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Adam Schefter is reporting that the Denver Broncos are one of "multiple" teams that have contacted former Dallas Cowboys guard/center Cory Procter who was recently released.

The Broncos have taken advantage of any and every interior line option this offseason, and they are doing their due diligence with Procter.  The 27 year old doesn't have a ton of staring experience at this level, but at 6'4" 311 pounds he provides another big body to compete in offseason activities should the Broncos choose to make him an offer.

This news comes shortly after NFL fans learned of the accident involving Broncos guard Matt McChesney, who may have suffered a career ending injury on the golf course of all places. 

Procter is in his sixth season out of Montana, and has been mainly a reserve for the Cowboys over the last five years.