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Horse Tracks - 5/25/10 - The Anatomy of a Trade Rumor

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Over the weekend, 'reports' surfaced that the Broncos had supposedly floated Kyle Orton's name in trade talks leading up to the Draft.  The rumors were immediately squashed by a Broncos official via Adam Shefter's Twitter.  Josh McDaniels reiterated yesterday that the Broncos never looked to trade Orton.  Such are the slow news days of May in the NFL. Let's start by saying that the 'trade block' is nothing more than a video game or fantasy term.  The truth is, there are more players available every year than are not.  Find the right deal, and virtually anyone is tradeable. Then, you add the complexity of free agency, and you have all the ingredients for trades.  By nature, the Restricted Tag is nothing more than a glorified trade block.  Did the Broncos put Orton on the trade block?  If one existed, I'd guess you'd say they did.  They put Elvis Dumervil on the 'block' as well.  By placing the 1st Round Tender on Orton, they were telling teams what his price tag would be.  If a team thought Orton was worth a contract - and the 1st Round compensation - they would have made the move.  The Broncos would then have had to decide whether to match the offer, or take the pick.  In other words, they would have traded Kyle Orton for a 1st Round pick.  Sure, I am simplifying matters, but is it really all that difficult?  To make a player available, to have discussions about a player, or simply to place a tender on a Restricted Free Agent - all are saying the same thing, and none of them is a statement that a team is unhappy with a player.  Teams need to keep their options open, all the time, with every player.  Did the Denver Broncos actively try and trade Kyle Orton before the Draft?  No, I don't believe they did, and they didn't have to.  The Tender did it for them.

Making an Impression -
Jamal Williams is physical. OTAs are not.

VIDEO - Sights and Sounds from Monday's Passing Camp
Highlights from the photography period during this morning's passing camp practice.

VIDEO - Passing Camp: Josh McDaniels -
Head Coach Josh McDaniels talks about the windy conditions during this morning's practice and the improvements of some of the second year players.

VIDEO - Passing Camp: Champ Bailey -
Cornerback Champ Bailey talks about his new teammates and this week's passing camp.

VIDEO - More Sounds from Passing Camp --
Players talk about the windy conditions during today's practice and using passing camp to prepare for training camp and next season.

Post-Marshall era forces new strategy - The Denver Post
It really is a common thing to watch a Broncos practice in May that doesn't include Brandon Marshall.

Paige: Full-tilt QB fight common theme - The Denver Post
The rock band America rode "through the desert on a horse with no name." Colorado is riding through May minicamps on Broncos officials with no names.

Bailey endorses Orton as Broncos QB, McDaniels not so sure - The Denver Post
Gale force winds made it a good day to run the ball but this was a passing camp and the Broncos went forward with their adventure. Orton completed just 5 of 20, including 1 of 6 during an end-of-practice, 11-on-11, 2-minute drill.

Broncos' Orton cool under heat of QB controversy - The Denver Post
Again, Orton may be the only one capable of calming these outside forces. As the incumbent starter, all Orton has to do is beat out the quarterbacks the Broncos recently acquired to take his place — Brady Quinn, who was once touted as an All-American boy from Notre Dame, and Tim Tebow, an All-American boy of heaven and earth.

J.D. Walton at first-team center | All Things Broncos
A week ago, when the media was permitted to view an offseason practice, Dustin Fry was the Broncos’ first-string center with rookie J.D. Walton mixing in.

Bannan, Stokley missing from practice | All Things Broncos
Outside the usual list of injured players, veteran defense lineman Justin Bannan and receiver Brandon Stokley didn’t practice Monday. Bannan was excused for personal reasons. The veteran Stokley has been known to get the occassional to day off to address aches and pains.

Royal looks to put 2009 season behind him -- Colorado Springs Gazette
The third-year Broncos receiver was a frequent target of quarterbacks in Monday’s passing camp practice, moving seamlessly between different receiver positions. He looked confident, even when the strong gusting winds made it impossible for him to come down with some passes.

Inside the playbook: defeating the Tampa 2 | National Football Post
We started off our "Inside the Playbook" series with a look at the Tampa 2 coverage—a core scheme run by such defenses as Indianapolis, Chicago and Minnesota. A 2-deep,5-under defense that turns into a 3-deep, 4-under look (similar to that of Cover 3) with the Mike Backer running the middle of the field—essentially matching with the inside vertical seam.

An American Needle in a haystack | National Football Post
The highest court in the land doesn't often deal with sports cases, let alone apparel cases dealing with football teams. Thus, today's unanimous ruling against the NFL by the United States Supreme Court in the American Needle case is an interesting one. The NFL took a shot in January that the "Single Entity" argument would work in insulating them from antitrust attack.

Five warning signs for rookies | National Football Post
When I watched the draft this year, eagerly waiting to hear my clients’ names announced, I couldn’t help but notice, as I do every year, the excessive amount of diamond encrusted bling on the watches, earrings and rings of the NFL’s newest millionaires. No telling what kind of hardware was hanging from their necks under the $3,000 suits.

NC’s Robert Quinn heads defensive line class | National Football Post
Looking over the senior defensive line class, there is certainly a talented group of prospects toward the top end who have the ability to come off the board some time in the first couple of rounds.

Could Arian Foster start for the Texans in 2010? | National Football Post
One of the more interesting position battles to watch heading into the 2010 season is taking place in Houston, where four running backs are vying for the starting job.

Chargers' Ellison arrested on possession charges | National Football Post
San Diego Chargers safety Kevin Ellison is in trouble with the law.

Fabian Washington: 'Dr. Andrews put the icing on the cake' | National Football Post
Baltimore Ravens cornerbacks Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb visited Dr. James Andrews’ office Monday, and both got positive news regarding their rehabilitation from torn anterior cruciate ligaments.

Andre Johnson: 'I'm not really worried about it' | National Football Post
As far as Houston Texans star wide receiver Andre Johnson is concerned, he's not worried about his contract anymore.

NFL unlikely to vote on expanding overtime change to regular season | National Football Post
The NFL isn't expected to vote on expanding its modified overtime format for the regular season during this week's league meetings.

Kevin Boss has successful ankle surgery | National Football Post
New York Giants tight end Kevin Boss had a successful cleanout procedure on his right ankle today.

At least 11 teams in favor of New York's 2014 Super Bowl bid | National Football Post
New York is the prohibitive favorite to land the 2014 Super Bowl over competing bids from Tampa and Miami, andthe New York Daily News is reporting that at least 11 teams are in favor of giving the game to New York.

Logan Mankins to skip organized team activity | National Football Post
New England Patriots veteran offensive guard Logan Mankins won't be attending the team's organized team activities this week.

Charles Tillman trading places for Bears | National Football Post
The Chicago Bears are hoping their defense is revamped this season with the addition of defensive end Julius Peppers and the return of middle linebacker Brian Urlacher from a wrist injury that cost him nearly all of 2009.

Dolphins sign Cory Procter | National Football Post
The Miami Dolphins have signed veteran free agent offensive line Cory Procter, the team announced today.

Chiefs have nothing to say about Bowe's 'importing' remarks | National Football Post
Nobody with the Kansas City Chiefs' organization wanted to discuss wide receiver Dwayne Bowe's claims that teammates "imported" women to the team hotel in San Diego prior to a game in 2007, his rookie season.

New York could open Super Bowl door for other cold-weather cities
The expected awarding of the 2014 Super Bowl to the New York/New Jersey area will, in actuality, be a reward for building a new stadium -- as was the case with Detroit, Dallas and Indianapolis, cities that have recently hosted or are set to have the big game.

Rankings: Are Cowboys ready to finally make a playoff run?
Trying to rank NFL teams from 1-32 is close to impossible in September, let alone in May, but it is always a good exercise to think about where the teams are right now. I prefer to look at teams in five groupings, rather than a pure ranking from top to bottom. Of course an injury to a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady would drop their respective teams at least a tier or two.

New York shouldn't be left out in the cold to host Super Bowl
I spent nearly 18 seasons covering the Buffalo Bills, so I know a little something about football being played in a roofless stadium under the harshest conditions a Northeastern winter has to offer.

Roundup: Is Owens headed for Chicago?
Owens, not one to be shy, told the world on his Twitter account (via the Chicago Tribune) that he was going to confront Cutler about coming to Chicago after running into the Bears quarterback on Sunday night. Because, that wouldn’t be a diva-like, VH1 reality show way of handling things.

Vick not content as Eagles' backup QB, vows to be a starter in NFL
Before Michael Vick spent 18 months in federal prison on dogfighting charges, he was the Atlanta Falcons' starting quarterback and made three Pro Bowls.

Dolphins deal guard Smiley to Jaguars, fill spot by signing Procter
The Miami Dolphins finally found a new home for Justin Smiley, trading the veteran guard to the Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi confirmed Monday.

Supreme Court denies NFL's request for broad antitrust protection
The Supreme Court rejected the NFL's request for broad antitrust law protection Monday, saying it must be considered 32 separate teams -- not one big business -- when selling branded items like jerseys and caps.

NFL docs face House committee's heated questions on head trauma
A congressional committee criticized the NFL's research into equipment, particularly helmets, and questioned if player safety is indeed being given top priority in an "infected system that needs to be cleaned up."

Roger Staubach: Dallas Cowboys have Super Bowl potential - ESPN Dallas
Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach expressed optimism Monday that his former team can become the first to play a Super Bowl in its own stadium.

Coach Josh McDaniels denies trade talks for Denver Broncos QBs - ESPN
On a blustery day when a 45-foot pine tree next to one of the team's practice fields was blown over by wind gusts that reached 70 mph, coach Josh McDaniels emphatically denied the Denver Broncos were trying to deal one of their four quarterbacks.