Understanding The Game: The Mile High Report Way (+Poll)

The game of football is simple. It's no more complex than the Unified Field Theory or the biological functions of the brain. Simple.

To help us each understand the game better, we come to the Mile High Report and share our knowledge. We post, we comment, we rant, we rec; in the end we all grow a little smarter. However, not all information is created equal.

Some of us have unique experiences, philosophies, or backgrounds that make us more qualified to educate. Some of us are doctors, lawyers, statisticians, coaches, business executives, professors, or historians. Whatever his or her credentials are, some posts stand above the rest as educational resources.

The sheer amount of information on MHR can become overwhelming. Sometimes we need a path to find our way through. After reviewing thousands of MHR posts, I've broken down the game into six basic areas: The OffenceThe DefenseSpecial TeamsThe Off SeasonThe Numbers, and The Business. And even though John Bena has specifically requested that people not create posts with just a series of links, I hope that this exception gives authority to the rule. Hell, John alone has posted 2,841 posts! 

Understanding the Game: The Mile High Report Way - Vol. 1, is an attempt to boil down the best posts about the game of football, into one linked location.

To make this as timeless as possible, I have tried to find educational articles that are either more general or cover larger periods of time. To farther narrow down this MHR reference guide, I have not included posts specifically about the Denver Broncos unless the analysis deepens our understanding of the entire sport. While there are thousands of great articles that review highly specific players, games, news events, etc. -- this post is about the forest, not the trees.


The Offence

Football University - What is WCO, spread, and Coryell?

Tales of Mythology - The Myths of the West Coast Offense

The Shotgun, the Spread, and The Broncos - Part I

Understanding the Wildcat

MHR University - The 4-4 formation, and Wildhorse (Wildcat) References

Understand the Passing Game in the NFL

Answers in Search of a Question: Meaningful Descriptor or Useless Label?

Quarterbacks (A Non-Draft Related Post)

Tales of Mythology III - The Myth of Mobility and the Quarterback

Answers in Search of a Question: The Myth of the Long Ball

Understanding the NFL Running Game

The Future of the Running Game

Tales of Mythology Part 1 - The Mystery of the Running Game

Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and the Rise of the Left Tackle

MHR University - Zone Blocking

MHR University - FB programs versus Singleback Programs (and a shocking conclusion

MHR University - Offensive Line "gap blocking", running terms, and other thought

MHR University - Weighted Formations


The Defense

Football University - Defensive Theory

MHR University - Modern 3-4 Defense Systems

MHR University - The 3-4; Red-Zone Adjustments

MHR University - 3-4: Position Responsibilities and Blocking Theory (Part One

MHR University - The Denver Broncos 5-2 Formation

5-2 Defenses, Hybrids and the Future

MHRl University - Cover Two Systems 

MHR University - The Nickel Formations 

Understanding the Zone Blitz

Tales of Mythology II - The Myth of the Short Cornerback


Special Teams

Special Team's - The Punting Unit

ST's- The Kickoff Coverage Unit

ST's-The Punt Return

The Dude Abides.....The Historical Importance of Field Position


The Off Season

Draft Theories and Systems I - General Theory

Draft Theory II - A New Trend?

Zen and the Art of Draft Evaluation

The NFL Draft - A Little Less Crapshoot, A Little More Blackjack

The Loser's Curse and the NFL Draft

MHR Draft Resources -- Know Your NFL Combine

Understanding Drafting the Quarterback Position

A Stop Watch, A Scale, and a Prayer - Drafting a Running Bac

Off-season Workouts and OTA's


The Numbers

The Dude Abides...Turnover Margin and Winning Percentage

The Dude Abides...a 2008 Lesson in Field Position, Time of Possession, & Turnover

Who Got Lucky This Year? A Dash of Clint Eastwood, A Pinch of High-School Geometry

Never Tell Me the Odds: The Strange Example of Pulaski Academy (Amended)

Answers in Search of a Question: Fast Track to the Super Bowl (The Sequel)


The Business

Definitive Guide to Free Agency and the CBA

A New CBA - Part 1

A New CBA - Part 2

THE CBA Part 3


Roster Rules

The Practice Squad

Franchise Me

Injuries and the NFL

** This is the first volume of Understanding the Game: The Mile High Report Way. While I've done my best to bring together the "best" MHR educational posts about the game, I'm sure I have missed some or over promoted others. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. What posts have helped you better understand the game? What posts do you think should be on this list? What posts should be removed?

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